For this tipster we had quite a few requests come in for them to be reviewed, so I’m glad to be here writing it up now. They were followed for just short of 4 weeks and all bets have been tracked and logged down. It has been an interesting month following them to say the least!

So without any hesitation, let’s get straight onto their review!

Spankthebookies concentrate their tips mainly on football and horse racing, however they do post the occasional NFL tip for free on their website. They charge for their tips which are posted on the site Their Twitter page is mainly used to promote signing up. Here’s how much it would cost if you were to join them:

Football Tips – £6 Per Month
Football and Horse Racing Tips – £10 Per Month

They also offer deals for 6 month and yearly sign ups which are:

Football and Horse Racing for 6 months – £50
Football and Horse Racing for a year – £95

For this review I have only followed their premium tips, being the football and horse racing, here is how they got on:

Results – 21/10 – 20/11

£2420 Tipped
£683.63 LOSS

Ouch. Not a good 4 weeks at all. If I’m being honest, I’m not at all surprised that the results came out like this at the end of the review. There is a complete lack of bankroll management and even the most basic of betting skills seem to be ignored here, I will go into greater detail but I’m sure you will see that almost everything points towards a losing tipster.

The best are posted each day at around 11am UK time. A standard day will see something along the lines of, for the horse racing, a double and a lucky 15/trixie/treble, with the occasional single as well. The football tips usually consist of two doubles or trebles and sometimes a mixture of the two. This immediately puts them on the back foot in their fight against the bookies. It is so difficult to make multiple bets profitable long term. They fall for the very common mistake by thinking that picking two very short priced favourites and putting them in a double is a profitable play, as proven in these results that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you were considering joining for the horse racing, be prepared to be backing a lot of short priced favourites, don’t expect by any means to be value hunting.

It’s pretty much the same for the football bets as well, they are just short odds put into a treble! We’re looking at trebles where £20 returns £74.80. Again, it’s another crucial mistake in betting, making it nearly impossible to be winning long term. You only have to look through the bets to see there cannot be any consideration for value. All that’s happening is that they are tipping the obvious bet. I can give you a couple of examples of this; Chelsea to beat Norwich, or even Real Madrid v Barca – BTTS. The idea of paying for a tipster is that they can give you some kind of edge, that is not happening here at all.

Value, it’s a word I use a lot in my reviews and it is something that has to be taken into consideration when betting. Getting the right price is absolutely crucial. In order for a tipster to get the right price for their followers, they need to put a little bit more hard work in by finding which bookmaker has the best odds for each event. Spankthebookies do not do this. Instead, they tip EVERYTHING with Bet365. It’s probably clear to you why they do that, because they are an affiliate with them! They will do everything they can to get you to back their selections using Bet365, they even offer on some of their picks a link to add the tips straight to your betslip, how convenient! The worst part of it all, is that they try and use a terrible excuse to tip with Bet365’s odds every time, which is:

We use Bet365 for all of our odds! We recommend that you use Bet365 because they are the most trusted bookmaker currently operating on the internet

Not much has to be said really. I personally would be embarrassed to write something so ridiculous. I can tell you now, that is not the actual reason why they use Bet365 for all their odds.

Another crucial discipline that has gone missing is bankroll management. There simply is no bankroll management for Spankthebookies. Pretty much every single bet is advised with a £20 stake. Whether it be a double, treble or trixie they will advise it at £20. They also a lot of the time say to place £5 on all of the selections together for the full house! The results have shown how poor bankroll management can have a huge impact on the results. I’m not saying by any stretch of the imagination that they would be in profit if they followed a good strategy, however I’m pretty confident the results wouldn’t have looked this bad, especially considering on the last day they were being tracked they made £321.49 profit. Even with this big return they still managed to be £683.65 down overall.

The above points aren’t even the worst of it. The thing that really gets me is the lying. They do everything they can to cover up bad results and then really push through when they have found a winner. They claim on their website that their horse racing tipsters visit racecourses on a daily basis and bookmark horses that catch their eye. This statement is laughable. Firstly I highly doubt there is a team of tipsters. Secondly, these tipsters supposedly visit the racecourses and stables etc, yet they can still only tip two short priced favourites and put them into a double? Don’t be ridiculous.

Final Verdict
Unfortunately we have found another tipster who I could not recommend to anyone. They show no skill with their bets, they are not at all transparent and they don’t even follow the most basic of betting disciplines. Following their tips is a fast track to losing your entire bankroll. I’m not sure how many members they have, but I’m sure those that have paid previously have left feeling very disappointed. To lose £683 over the space of 4 weeks is disgraceful, it’s as simple as that. They will have to find a load of winning days consecutively to even start getting this back. I will be very interested to see what their P/L shows for November. Whatever it does show I would take with a pinch of salt. I would be amazed if the stats they are showing are true. They’re going right at the bottom of the list here.