As I’m sure you have seen on Twitter, I’m taking on a new challenge in an attempt to build a betting bankroll with the help of online tipsters! I intend on blogging about it every day, giving you updates on how healthy it is looking, what tipsters I’ve done well from, and all of my losing bets along the way! I will also be doing weekly/monthly summaries.

I’ve got a huge number of tipsters that I intend on checking out. I will then personally try and pick my best bets from them to back each day. It will be a long-winded task, but I’m really looking forward to it and I hope you enjoy following the journey.

My Bankroll

I’ve set aside a specific bankroll for this experiment. I was really undecided on how much to take, as I want a significant enough amount to be able to back with reasonable stakes, but at the same time, I want an amount that I feel is realistic for followers to have as well if they wanted to take on something similar. So, I went with a total bankroll of £200.

I will be managing the bankroll to take variance into account, and will occasionally take a risk here and there. I don’t intend on posting what I’m backing before the event has begun, as I don’t really want to be held responsible for people losing if they decide to shadow me. Instead, I’ll post all of the bets that I backed at the end of each day and summarise them.

The £200 is going to be spread across a number of bookmakers, I will be looking to get the best price where possible.

It should be a fun journey, I hope you enjoy it too. There will be high’s and low’s, and I’m sure we will all learn plenty along the way. If you’re a tipster who would like to give me access to your tips, as they may be backed and included in my blogs, feel free to drop me a message and we can get it arranged. Suitable praise will be given to tipsters who are keeping the bankroll healthy, and with any big win, I’ll, of course, look to do some donations to charities of your choice.

Let’s hope this goes well, folks!

Current Bankroll: £200