We’ve all seen them, promotions offering Germany to beat Scotland at 5/1 for new signups with losses re-funded. Thousands of tipsters have latched onto the idea of becoming an affiliate with the bookies, with links and banners being pushed through to us at a constant rate, telling us not to miss out on such a great offer. Affiliates are a sensitive topic in the tipping world, but what exactly do they mean, and how can they affect you?


It doesn’t take much at all to become an affiliate with a bookmaker. All you have to do is sign up on the particular bookmaker’s website, and providing you are involved in betting, you are off and ready to go. They give you a huge number of links so you can post advertising banners on your page, and you can check the performance of these in a matter of seconds. These are then tracked by the bookie, so anyone who clicks the link is now linked with the tipster. If you then sign up with that particular bookmaker, it can be the start of the tipster making money from you. All they then want is for the punter to spend and lose as much money as possible with them. Losing is the key point here, they would much rather you lose than win. This is because the tipster will take a certain percentage of the amount that you lost. For example with Bet365, they take a 30% cut. So if you lose £100, the tipster takes £30 of that.


Importantly, if you win, the tipster will go into negative figures. For example if you win £100, they will be on -£30. So you can really see now why an affiliate tipster at the end of the day will be routing for you to lose, no matter how they try to hide it. At the end of the day, the more you lose the more they make.


Bet365 is undoubtedly the most popular affiliate scheme for tipsters to get involved in, I feel this is quite clear if you visit almost any betting related website or affiliate tipster. Why’s this? Because they have the most generous pay-out structure and you can make the most amount of money. As I briefly mentioned earlier, the affiliate will take 30% of Bet365’s profit from the person who has signed up, so as you can imagine, the tipster can make a fortune from a few high stakes losers. There was definitely a time previously where becoming an affiliate was almost a sure way of making money, since a huge chunk of tipsters have now jumped on the bandwagon, the market has become saturated and no doubt less lucrative.


The next point relates to cookies, when you click an affiliates link, let’s say you don’t join Betfair then. You become aware it’s an affiliate link. You feel informed. You sign up a month later just using www.betfair.com and have your account feeling great. Well not as great as the affiliate link owner. Why’s this? Because affiliate links are active for 45 days after you click on them! They will be credited back to the affiliate unless you’ve cleared your cookies, chose not to accept them or browse in a private mode of your browser. So with this in mind it makes sense why they spam links, banners and offers out, in the hope that one of them will catch the eye, or even that an individual will click on the link by accident. To make things worse, once you’re signed up, your account is linked to them FOR LIFE unless it’s closed.


This of course leaves quite an important question, do affiliate tipsters want you to lose? To answer that one simply, yes, of course they do. In the long run they do want losing gamblers to be signing up through their links. If you are told otherwise, then you are being lied to. Why would a tipster become an affiliate and not want to make money from it? For the free bet offers? Of course not, we’re not foolish enough to believe that. However, in an ideal world they would want you to be making money using their tips and then losing it backing personal bets or following other tipsters. Remember, sign up offers aren’t exclusive, so if they thought these deals were so good then they could simply direct them to the bookmaker’s homepage. No need for this affiliate business. Now don’t get me wrong here. People will often say that tipsters are purposely picking losing bets, I do not think this is at all the case. However, profiting of someones losses can give you an incentive to not put as much research as you should do into your selections. Or maybe you will back markets that are generally losers in the long run. Again, this does not apply to everyone.


I think it’s important to remember that not all tipsters who use affiliate links are bad. I know a number of very good tipsters out there who are affiliates. Also, some bookmakers do offer what is known as CPA. This is simply where the individual gets a set fee for each sign up that is received through their links. That way, the tipster does not profit from the bettor’s losses. As always, it’s good to form your own opinion on this. Are you really happy to be taking financial advice from people who profit from your losses? Or are you happy that your tipster is honest enough and that they are definitely on your side?


All the best