AlmightyTips is another tipster who runs his own website, The tips are free to view, and the Twitter page is mainly used to give an update on how the tips are going, and for an all round review of the day itself. Here’s how he got on this week.




  • Since I started the review, AlmightyTips made a £4.63 profit
  • ROI = 3.90%


As the tips don’t come with a staking plan, I have placed each bet using a £10 flat stake. I saw as well that he did not have a winning day today, however this has not been included in this weeks stats as I have been unable to track them today, so it may have been a small losing week, but I cannot confirm this 100%.


Tipping wise, I would expect to see profit/loss stats looking like this over a week because of the type of bets tipped. The main tips will focus on football selections, and a few different markets such us, match odds, overs market, BTTS etc. So of course understandably it’s never easy to make massive profits when betting on this, the most important part is to focus on the long run and understand that it will never be a get rich quick scheme. They also had, what I thought was quite an interesting feature, a week long acca. Backing 1 favourite each day for the whole week and putting it in an accumulator. This weeks came to 10/1, and unfortunately the last bet lost which was a shame. Again these bets are rarely profitable in the long run, but quite good fun to follow and try to land a long shot nonetheless.


As far as I can tell, the website is under working maintenance at present, as there are quite a few features that are blank, so I will be interested to see how this develops. AlmightyTips do affiliate with bookmakers as well, however this is not a concern for me. The one difference here is that he openly says that he is an affiliate with them. Naturally you will be encouraged to sign up, but again considering the quality of tips and evident hard work that goes into the selections, I don’t think this is anything at all to cause concern.


Final Verdict


A tipster to keep an eye on in my opinion, definitely has a lot of potential and I’m looking forward to seeing the website develop as we go on. The tips are decent and are worth checking out, and could even be used to help you with your own bets. I myself am never one to bet on accumulators, but if you are then there are plenty to get involved in. I like the idea of the week long acca and would be fun to track each day. I’m not such a fan of the affiliate sign up, VIP idea, but who knows if this will kick on or not, overall I would say he is worth a follow, and hopefully we can see some good progression with the website.


CasualGambler Rating – 6