I’m sure most of you have heard or seen Andy Robson on Twitter, he has a very large following of over 60,000 people and loves a good short priced bet. I’ve noticed he has people on either side of the spectrum. Some very loyal followers who love him and others who really, really don’t. He does not charge anything for the tips on Twitter, however he does have an app that costs £1.49, which I assume the tips are also posted on. I approached this review as I always do with a completely open mind and it is completely independent. Here’s how he got on.


  • Since I started the review, AndyRobsonTips made a loss of £145
  • ROI = -100%

This was clearly an absolute shocker of a week for Andy Robson. He posted 6 tips throughout the week with none of them winning. All of the bets were ‘rolling’ bets, with 5 of them starting from £25, and another from £20. The bets didn’t get far at all, he really struggled to even make it past bet 2 and that’s backing at odds at an average price of 1.3. That is quite an achievement in itself!

Andy Robson is an affiliate tipster and he certainly doesn’t try to hide it! Anyone who has been following us for a while knows our stance on affiliate tipsters, if not take a look at our article focusing on them and you’ll get a good idea, this will help you understand how Andy works. It’s actually quite painful at times to see how he tries to promote the Bet365 affiliate links. Here is a quote from a tweet he posted last week.

“Reminder to new followers – you do need a Bet365 account to take part. Sign up and get a free bet up to £200 here.”

The link was of course then posted onto the end of this. It’s quite frustrating to see this, now I’m sure most people won’t fall for something so ridiculous, but I can tell you now with confidence you do not need a Bet365 account to take part in his so called tips. You can use whatever bookmaker you like. If you don’t have a Bet365 account, please do not sign up through his link, he’ll start taking your money whenever he posts losing bets, we don’t want that!

The bets themselves are also quite interesting. Like I mentioned at the start, he posts ‘rolling’ bets which seem to be very popular at the moment. He’ll usually start with a stake on £25. The tips posted are quite honestly ridiculous, it’s debatable whether they are classed as tips or not. We’re looking at odds of 1.3 here, so clearly there is not much skill going on. These bets are losing in the long run, it’s nearly impossible to be a winner with these and I’m yet to come across anyone who has made them consistently profitable. The problem is that Andy Robson doesn’t care about this, all he is after is making the money through his affiliate links and I’m sure he is making a fortune which is a great shame.

Final Verdict

I know there are very mixed opinions on this tipster and I’m sure this review will get mixed feedback. I don’t think he is a good tipster at all and if he carries on like this I don’t think he will get any better. All he is after is for people to click on his affiliate links and I can’t see that there is any work going into the tips. He will and probably is losing people a lot of money, whilst making a ton himself off the back of this. He even now has an app which he is charging £1.49 for, but I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of purchasing this to see what it is like. I couldn’t ever tell anyone to go near him if you want to be a winning gambler in the long run. He’ll certainly be sitting at the bottom of our table!

CasualGambler Rating – 1