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UFCInsiders Review

Here at CasualGambler we want to have a wide variety of tipsters covered. We realised that we didn’t have one single UFC/MMA tipster covered and felt it was time to fix that. Not only that but as we went looking for a UFC tipster to review, we found a couple of requests to review this tipster as people have been very impressed with his results. Introducing Rob Brown (@RobBrownMMA)! Rob has been watching combat sports religiously for over 10 years so is very knowledgeable. He tells us he watches tape and researches every fighter on every event he bets...

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Anatomy of a Twitter Tipster – Part Two

Significance of Profit/Loss and ROI   If you have ever had the following conversation, this article may be of interest:   You: Are you in profit this year? Twipster: Yes mate, absolutely smashing it! You: Have you got any proof of this profit? Twipster: Er… .No.   The premise of trusting someone based solely on their word, is not an alien one to people. We experience it in everyday life, from the banks telling us we have their highest interest rates, to internet providers promising us that we have their best deal. But how often, after doing a little...

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Affiliate Links

We’ve all seen them, promotions offering Germany to beat Scotland at 5/1 for new signups with losses re-funded. Thousands of tipsters have latched onto the idea of becoming an affiliate with the bookies, with links and banners being pushed through to us at a constant rate, telling us not to miss out on such a great offer. Affiliates are a sensitive topic in the tipping world, but what exactly do they mean, and how can they affect you?

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