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Day 9 – Five Bets, Small Profit

With another busy day this Friday, I didn’t have much choice but to limit my bets and only back a few selections. Thankfully, it didn’t end too badly for us.  Completely unintentionally I ended up only backing horse racing tips today. I had planned on checking some of my usual football tipsters to follow, however, time got away from me and I didn’t manage to get on them. Here’s how the day went. Firstly, I got myself on all three tipsters’ bets from the #CommunityPunt, run by @TGT_Tips. His was the first bet to come in, as he selected...

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Day 8 – Turning Over Profit on a Quiet Day

Today wasn’t anywhere near as busy as it has been in previous days. I had limited time to place bets and therefore only got on a handful of tips. It did, however, work out well. Today played out very differently to yesterday, as I found myself very busy at work, I simply didn’t have the time to look into all of the tips that I planned on for the day. So instead, I kept it simple. We’ll start off with the horse racing. I checked out @Josh_HW‘s free selection for the day, and this time it came with 2...

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Day 7 – Now We’re Talking

So far It’s been an up and down ride, with plenty of wins and losses, leaving us around breakeven. Today, we made a breakthrough giving a significant boost to my bankroll. That’s right, it was an excellent day today thanks to some outstanding tipping. I approached the day looking to take a few risks, mainly by following more tips throughout the day. I still kept the stakes the same as I normally would. Without hesitation, let’s get cracking! In total today I placed 13 bets, following 9 different tipsters. The sports covered Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, football, and tennis....

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Day 6 – A Small Step Backwards

I didn’t get off to a good start yesterday, however, managed to recover some losses and end up with an overall small loss. Here’s how the day went. I felt comfortable taking on a number of tips yesterday, knowing I’ll be staking £2 for the majority. I shadowed a total of 7 tipsters yesterday, staking £28 in total. To begin with, I backed what was posted early on @NicksPicks83‘s telegram page. For the Greyhounds, I backed 5 of them in total. 2 of them made a return, at odds of 7/4 and 13/8. I had £2 on both of...

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Day 5 – We’re Back on Track

The Monday blues were soon forgotten about after today. After having a few losing days, we’re getting back on track, moving nearer to overall profit. For today I am also including a couple of bets that I had on last night/overnight, as they had not been settled whilst I was writing yesterdays blog. With that in mind, we had 7 bets in total today, covering American Football, Football, Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing. Let’s dive straight into the results. To begin with we’ll jump backs to last nights American Football bets, courtesy of @sasportsblog. The two bets were Jaguars...

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