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@TheMicktorious Review

We’ve had many people requesting a good, free, horse racing tipster. After searching around, I believe we have found one! The tipster we’ll be reviewing is @TheMictorious. I’m sure many of you have come across him on Twitter before, however, for those who haven’t, I’m hoping this review will provide a solid insight to the self-proclaimed sports fanatic! Mick posts all of his tips on his website, they are usually posted the day before each event starts, giving plenty of time to get on. It’s a nice simple layout, with nothing but tips, write-ups and a summary of...

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@BettingDevil Review – Revisited

A long, long time ago, we took on the review of @BettingDevil (August 2015). Things were a lot different back then when writing up the reviews. I’ve decided for this one, rather than letting you read the initial review, I’ll highlight the main points that were picked out. BettingDevil Review 2015 Analysis The page had a strong focus on roller bets, with the occasional single and multiple available. It appeared to be a page geared towards the fun side of betting, rather than the professional side. Overall score assigned – 6 There wasn’t a huge amount to write, to be...

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Casual Gambler Syndicate – Who Tipped What?

With Colossus Bets syndicates exploding into popularity across Twitter, we decided it provides a nice opportunity to bring tipsters and the betting community together, by creating syndicates with tips from a variety of different tipsters. We threw the idea out there and got a positive response, so we have managed to get round to it and create our first syndicate run by tipsters! Where Can I find the syndicate? Simply follow this link -> Who Tipped what? There was a total of 5 tipsters who came together to create this syndicate, here is what they came up with. @FHGTIPS –...

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The Tipster Brief – April Week 3

Doesn’t it feel like a long time since we have done the Tipster brief? I’m glad to be back with them to give you your weekly updates in the tipping world! Here’s what we’ll be covering in this week’s edition: Changes to our review criteria Upcoming Reviews Do we amend reviews if a tipster stops performing? Let’s crack on! Changes to our Review Criteria Ever since we started at Casual Gambler, anyone and everyone could get a review. Going from in-play bettors, to pre-match accumulator tipsters. This left us with a lot of work, and a handful of tipsters...

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@SportsTipsterUS Review (Ice Hockey Tips)

Today we’re bringing to you a Casual Gambler first. An Ice Hockey Tipster! This tipster has been on our radar for a while now and multiple people have requested the review, so we got in touch, and here it is! We have been following the tips and tracking the results for 2 months, over January and February. Before we get stuck into these, it’s important we give you an overview of the service so you know what we’re dealing with and to allow you to make an informed decision as to whether it’s for you or not. About SportsTipsterUS...

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