With the football season getting nearer and nearer, the need for another football tipster review is growing. We decided to take to Tipstrr to see if there were some standout statistics and I think we are onto a winner here.

@berlin_bet1 is the twitter handle, and his tipstrr page can be found here where you can check out all of the stats and past results for yourself. We will of course still be going over everything in more detail.


If you fancy giving them a join, you can take a look at their profile here: (Please Note: If you join them through the below link, we will receive a small fee – you can read more about this here )

Let’s start off by checking out his stats:


1 Month

  • 17.38% ROI
  • 165.1 Units Profit
  • 109 Tips
  • 48% Win
  • Average odds of 2.40

3 Months 

  • 11.50% ROI
  • 526.4 Units Profit
  • 608 Tips
  • 45% win
  • Average Odds of 2.34

You can also see his results graph below

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 21.51.21

A lovely set of results, just from looking at the graph itself the consistency really stands out. As I’ve said before, to maintain an ROI of over 10% for a sustained period really is a good effort. He has kept this since the 6th May over a total of 608 tips and from what I have seen there are no signs that this will be stopping.


BerlinBet uses the second lowest pricing tier on Tipstrr which is as follows.

£11 Per Week 


£22 Per Month 

With the results in mind the pricing does seem very reasonable. If we put the most recent results together we can see how big a bankroll (roughly) you would need to justify paying for the tips, allowing you to still make a profit on top of this fee.

The staking does vary, with the max bet being 10 units, which is used the most. If you were to be betting at £1 a point, over a 3 month period you would have made a net profit of £460.40, which is deducting £66, providing you were paying monthly. If you were following using these stakes, you would need to be able to back at £10 per bet. Although this is not the case for every bet, it is for the majority. So really you would want to have a minimum bankroll of £200 if you are to be backing at £1 a point. Naturally you can still make a healthy profit if you were to chop this in half, and bet using 50p a point. You would still be in £230.20 profit after the 3 month period, which is not bad at all.

What To Expect

If you were to join BerlinBet, you will be receiving all of his tips via email through Tipstrr (or on their website). He focuses only on football and claims to get the tips through his own programmed software. With this in mind he probably bets on games where the statistics fit into a certain criteria, so you will be backing across a number of different leagues. The main market you will betting on is the straightforward winner. However on a few different occasions he would also tip the overs/unders market. The average odds are currently sitting at 2.34 and they have remained fairly consistent throughout this 3 month period. I wouldn’t really expect them to be much higher for a football tipster. Value can still be there at shorter odds.

You will be given the best odds available on Tipstrr and the results are calculated using these, so I would always recommend to open as many accounts as you can allowing you to get the best prices each time. Not doing this will certainly limit your long term profits. I understand this is not possible for everyone due to account restrictions, too small a bankroll etc, but if you can, do try your best. It will pay off.

Final Verdict

All in all this really is a strong football tipster we are looking at here. The results are very consistent and he has also been a featured tipster on Tipstrrs’ website. I would be more then happy to invest my money into this tipster and am also happy to recommend him to others. Even over the summer period he has remained in profit finding decent bets and making sure the graph keeps that upward curve. As far as football tipsters go, he is right up there as one of the best I have come across. I will be very interested to see how the results go over the next few months and through the main chunk of the football season. I don’t doubt at all that the profit will continue, but of course in the grand scheme of things 3 months isn’t a huge amount of time.

Here’s how we will be scoring him.


  • ROI

ROI – Right up there with a strong ROI for a football tipster. If this can remain above 10% I will be very impressed. With everything in mind, a 9 is fully deserved.


  • Professionalism


Professionalism – He certainly isn’t doing anything wrong and has never come across as unprofessional in my eyes, but there are always points that can be improved on. If he was able to it would be good to see Berlin using the blog feature on Tipster. Maybe to make the service slightly more personal and to allow followers to delve into the thoughts of the tipster they are investing in. Like I say, there certainly aren’t any issues, which is why he will still be getting an 8.


  • Value For Money


Value For Money – Using the lowest pricing tier on Tipstrr seems fair to me, and as discussed you would still make decent profits only backing at small stakes. Represents good value for me – 9


  • Long Term Profitability


Long Term Profitability – Really does seem to be a consistent tipster. That graph is one of the nicest looking ones I’ve seen. I can’t see any reasons why he won’t remain consistent over a long term, however as we only have 3 months worth of results, we will put this as a 9.


  • Transparency


Transparency – No hiding through Tipstrr, an easy 10


Final Score = 9

A very consistent looking football tipster with some impressive results over the three month period. I can’t see any reasons why you won’t continue to make profits if you decide to give him a follow, with this in mind the fee to join really isn’t bad. He is right up there alongside some of the very best football tipsters we have come across and that is fully deserved.

Thanks for reading,

All the best,