Betting Buddha is a large Twitter based tipster with over 66 thousand followers. His tips are free to follow and all of them are posted on the Twitter account. We’ve had the request for him to be reviewed a few times now, so fingers crossed you’re one of these people and have been after this! Here’s how he got on for the week.




  • Since I started the review, Betting_Buddha made a £6.64 Profit
  • ROI = 4.40%


These statistics have been calculated using £10 stakes unless stated otherwise. It is also worth nothing that Betting Buddha is currently part way through a ‘1GrandChallenge’ where he has turned £20 into £465.95. I have not included this in the profit/loss, for the simple reason that it still could lose and end up being a £20 loss, however it is worth keeping this in mind when going through the review.


I’m sure a lot of people have seen Betting_Buddha on Twitter and the majority formed their own opinions. If you haven’t however I can let you know what to expect. We’re looking at a tipster who is very similar to a large number of others. The tips posted are mainly very short odds, that are either in play bets or pre match multiples that will bring the price to around evens. An example of this is a treble with over 0.5 goals in each game. They also post ‘rolling’ bets and challenge bets. On average you can expect to see about 3-5 tips per day to be getting involved in, however this will of course vary from day to day.


I have approached this tipster with a completely independent stance, as I do with every tipster who I review. There are some good and bad points to him. A few negatives that I came across. The most obvious one is the huge number of affiliate links that you will come across. There are more of these posted then tips themselves and there is even a link that comes with most of the tips as well, so this of course is something that you will not be able to avoid. The majority will understand our stance on affiliate tipsters, but I am not saying this automatically means we are looking at a bad tipster. Another concern of mine comes in the form of a pinned tweet. They currently have one pinned from 22nd Feb saying they landed a £20-£1000. This is a very impressive achievement. However, this is a long time a go and if one hasn’t landed in between, I would imagine there has been a load of losing £20-£1000 challenges prior to this landing. As mentioned earlier there is one running at the moment which is halfway there, I will be keeping an eye out to see how it goes!


Final Verdict 


I can see why this tipster has gained popularity. The short odds, high strike rate bets seem to be what a lot of people are after, as it can result in quick wins and sometimes big returns. I personally would never like to get involved in these bets, as making profit from them long term isn’t an easy task. Some tipsters like this are better than others, Buddha has managed to make a profit this week, which is certainly a good sign. Whether this can be maintained over a longer period, I’m not sure but will certainly be keeping an eye out to see if he can. He is an affiliated tipster, so I’ll leave this up to you to decide what to make of it. All in all, there are plenty of tipsters like this, however here we have managed a profit. I’ll be giving a rating of 5.


CasualGambler Rating – 5