A long, long time ago, we took on the review of @BettingDevil (August 2015). Things were a lot different back then when writing up the reviews. I’ve decided for this one, rather than letting you read the initial review, I’ll highlight the main points that were picked out.

BettingDevil Review 2015 Analysis

  • The page had a strong focus on roller bets, with the occasional single and multiple available. It appeared to be a page geared towards the fun side of betting, rather than the professional side.
  • Overall score assigned – 6

There wasn’t a huge amount to write, to be honest, however, since the review, BettingDevil has been back in touch requesting for the page to be looked at again, so that’s exactly what we’re doing!

BettingDevil Review (2017)

The two sports that you’ll be backing with BettingDevil are football and tennis. Every tip is free, and they can be found both on his Twitter page, and also through Tipstrr. Check out the link below and you can see his profile for yourself.


The only tips that you won’t find through Tipstrr are the ‘roller’ bets, which are exclusively posted on Twitter. You can follow BettingDevil on Tipstrr so all other tips will be sent to you via email.


For this review I wanted the main highlight to be on the bets other than ‘rollers’. Despite this, I can confirm he has rolled £10 into £225 with the intention of continuing, so if you like to get involved, why not give it a look. I for one hope he takes the money soon!!

Now for the results from the main bets.

  • 140.5 units profit
  • 13.13% ROI
  • Average odds – 2.47

The graph below gives you an idea of BettingDevils form throughout the year, starting in February.

You can see that during his time with Tipstrr, he started off well and the graph continued to grow. He’s seen a dip in form recently, sitting at 140.5 units profit. He peaked at 258.96 units profit in April.

What Can You Expect?

The majority of bets you’ll be backing will be multiples, we’re talking doubles, trebles, accumulators, the lot. The odd single is thrown in the mix as well, however, these certainly are the minority. You’ll be betting across a wide variety of leagues in football, and competitions in tennis. The tips don’t come with a staking plan per se, as each bet is posted wth a 10 unit recommended stake (the maximum with Tipstrr).

It’s always useful to know what you should be backing with when a tipster backs using flat stakes. My personal recommendation is to go with 2% of your bankroll on each bet. If you have a £100 bankroll, you’ll be betting £2 a bet, for £1,000, it will be £20, and so on. Make sure before you give any tipster a follow that you have this nailed down, as it can protect you from the inevitable swings that come with gambling.

Final Verdict

I think the one thing that can be said about Betting Devil, is that he is a hard-working, honest tipster. Despite being on a bad run, he can still boast profits and is enjoying a healthy 13.13% ROI which is nothing at all to be ashamed of. I can appreciate this is only over 117 tips, so it will be good to say if these positive returns continue as the year goes on.

Are there areas for improvement? I would say so. For me, I don’t mind betting with multiples, however for the majority of bets to be multiples and for the average odds to still sit at a short 2.47, it shows that there are plenty of very short priced favourites being included. This is a viable tactic and one that takes very careful planning in order to be profitable. It’s not at all easy to beat the bookies backing such short priced selections, however, as long as they look to be good value, there’s no reason why it can’t be a winning strategy.

For me, I think Betting Devil is very knowledgeable in his field, and I think he could explore this even more in some cases, where he’ll probably be surprised with the value that can be found when delving into some different markets or areas of betting. At the same time, I can appreciate this can be time-consuming and for a completely free tipster, this isn’t always necessarily viable.

I think Betting Devil is a good free tipster to follow. The setup is nice and easy, either through Tipstrr or on Twitter, and he gets involved in many different tipster competitions to prove himself against others.


ROI – 13.13% is very solid for the main bets, if this can be continued throughout the year it will be very impressive. We’ve only seen 117 tips so far, and I definitely will be keeping an eye out to see if this can be kept up. This ROI gets a rating of 7.

Professionalism – Nothing bad can be said here, despite not being a premium account, he still runs a good Twitter account and it’s a very strong 9.

Long Term Profitability – I expect there will be plenty of swings. With the multiples and rolling accumulators being involved, the results graph will probably continue to spike. I think Betting Devil’s knowledge and commitment will keep him positive, however, therefore this gets a score of 7.

Transparency – Results tracked through an independent website, the only bets that aren’t tracked long term are the rolling bets (Can’t be done through Tipstrr). This gets a score of 9.

Overall Score = 8

Have much experience with @BettingDevil? Let us know in the comments section below!

I hope you enjoyed the review of a free tipster, we have another one on its way very shortly, but this time it’s a horse racing tipster! Make sure you keep posted!

All the best.

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