BettingDevil is a free Twitter based tipping page. There isn’t loads that I can review for this week, and also profit/loss stats are very hard to do because of the type of bets (Hopefully you can understand why when I complete the review below).

The tips mainly consist of ‘roller’ bets. All coming with a few different names and slightly different stakes for each one. When I was following for the week, he managed to turn £10 into £68.20, which unfortunately lost following John Isner’s loss at 4/7. After this one loss a couple more were started, and they are still going at the moment! I believe the ultimate goal of these is to get them up to £1000. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out because that wouldn’t be a bad achievement.

With this tipster, it’s hard really to advise one way or another, as really it depends on what you’re looking for/what you like to bet on personally. In my opinion, I don’t usually bet on roller bets. I feel they are very risky to be lumping your whole stake in each bet, as even when backing short odds they can go wrong. I can kind of see the appeal, as even if you do lose, essentially it is only a small stake that has gone. I would say the page’s main focus are these types of bets, so if this is what you’re looking for, it’s definitely time to get involved and following! It’s worth mentioning that this is not all he tips on though. There are also (Especially for the bigger fixtures) singles/doubles and trebles to get involved in.

Final Verdict

As I mentioned above, I think this really depends on what you’re looking for when betting. It is a fun page to follow, and to be honest the tips themselves are good fun as well. I know that roller type bets are very popular amongst a lot of people, so I couldn’t put anyone off following them if you fall into that category. It’s also worth noting that the bets for the roller’s aren’t silly ones, he doesn’t try to turn it into £1000 in one day, so I would say time does go into the selections, meaning you can rest assured you’re getting your money in good! I would certainly like to be doing another review in the very near future on Betting Devil, however it’s a 6 from us for now.