The Betting Emporium are a company focusing on providing quality tips and detailed write ups. They are a subscription based service, however they do regularly provide free tips for anyone who has signed up. The company is owned and run by well-known professional gamblers, Joe Beevers and Neil Channing.


  • If you had bet £10 per point on every recommended bet since their launch in Feb 2013, you would be winning +£12,088.40
  • This has been taken from Betting Emporium’s website

As you can see above, they are very successful and indeed pride themselves on being extremely transparent. They have just about every stat you could ask for on all of their bets. They mainly focus on points bet, profit/loss and ROI.

Betting Emporium work slightly differently to the average internet tipster. They provide packages for different events, and most of these will cost a subscription fee to receive the tips. The cost of these average anywhere between £30-£200. There is no doubt at all that the service is aimed at serious gamblers who are happy to put serious money on selections. If you aren’t looking to bet any more then £10-£20 on a single bet, then the service most likely isn’t for you. Every selection they make has a detailed write up, and they also give a recommended stake size by using a points system. You’ll find top tipsters on there, including Nigel Seeley who provides regular darts and tennis packages that very rarely fail to make you profit.

As I mentioned above there are many different packages that you can get stuck into. I have used most of them, and have found what I believe to be the best one if you wanted to try them out. This is:

Euro & other Football by Brodders

This will cost you £50 per month, but the tips are top quality. All of his bets since January are showing an ROI of +4.37%. This is a very good ROI for football bets, and if you were to bet £10 a point, you would be £6650.30 in profit. As I mentioned earlier, it is quite pricey, so honestly only subscribe if you have a big enough bankroll. The other positive is that they have a support email which is always on hand if you need any help.

Final Verdict

I would firstly highly recommend you to join their site. It’s free to join, and they do often provide free tips that you will be able to utilise. This includes a weekly article free for everyone. You can then decide for yourself if you would like to subscribe to any individual packages. They will cover all of the big sporting events and race meetings, so there is plenty to choose from! The only real negative I would give for Betting Emporium, is the cost. For example if you wanted to sign up to Neil Channing’s write ups for the big race meetings, it will set you back £200. He does have a good record, but naturally you will have to stake pretty big to win this initial fee back. With everything considered they have achieved a very respectable score of 8.