Today we will be reviewing a high performing Tipster on Tipstrr, who is currently sitting in the top spot on all sports throughout the entire site. They have an impressive set of results, so we felt it necessary to take a deeper look into this Tipster to see if they are worth a follow. They do charge for their tips, so naturally we will look at how/if this fee can fit into your bankroll.

As we always do, we’ll start off by looking at their results.

If you want to see the results for yourself, you can do so here:


All Time 

ROI – 23.60%

Profit – 2312.5 Units

Tips – 1742

Win % – 22%

3 Months

ROI – 38.42%

Profit – 2194.3 Units

Tips – 1158

Win % – 22%

You can also see their profit/loss graph below



No doubt here, a fantastic set of results that anyone would be very pleased with. A 23.60% ROI is excellent, especially considering this is over 1742 tips. This in itself shows that they have clear ability to remain in profit over a sustained period. The profit statistic on Tipstrr can sometimes be misleading. Mainly because some tipsters when they start out back everything with a max bet of 10 units to try and push themselves up the leaderboards and to feature on the main page. I do feel as though it is different in this case. The reason being is because BookieBeatings use and stick to a staking plan, rather than going with a max 10 point bet each time. I personally really like to see this, it stands out and immediately gives off the impression that the tipster does actually consider their stake alongside each bet.


1 Week – £10

1 Month – £19

3 Months – £45

6 Months – £79

1 Year – £140

Now let’s see how we can fit in a bankroll with these prices. We’ll make it simple by theoretically backing their tips using £1 per point. With this in mind, the max stake, although quite rare, would be £10. You’ll also be backing bets using £5 and £2. So I think it’s fair to say that you are safe to make the max bet 5% of your overall bankroll. Therefore, to follow these bets using £1 a point, you would want to have a £200 bankroll. Ideally £250, but £200 is just fine. Now, if we take into account the joining fee, assuming you are paying monthly, you would have made £2,137.30 profit over a 3 month period. So we can comfortably say that you are just fine to follow them using £1 a point. Even 50p a point would put you easily in the green, I feel as though these both fit into most people’s bankroll.

What To Expect 

If you are thinking about giving them a follow, here’s what you can expect should you join up. BookieBeatings bet on both horses and football, the former being their most favourable sport. They post 2-4 selections per day, and you will receive an email the evening before each race with a detailed write up explaining why they have chosen each selection. They clearly do focus on running their service both profitably and professionally. They post the occasional blog post which is always interesting to read and you can also follow their Twitter page @BookieBeatings to keep updated on their results.

It’s also important to remember that you will not be winning all the time, as with any tipster. They do not just post singles, you get doubles as well as the occasional accumulator. Unfortunately bets will lose and you will likely at some point go on a spell with very few winners. Hence, it’s so important to remain disciplined and to actively manage your bankroll. Since they started on Tipstrr, it seems as though their tactics have changed ever so slightly. Where the results page used to be filled with multiples, you’ll now find more singles, with doubles and accumulators included between them. Personally I much prefer this so I would say it’s a good step they have taken to lean towards single bets. They see their service as an investment rather than a gamble, which certainly is the correct mindset to be in.

Final Verdict

I think we’re looking at an all round Tipster here, one that ticks a lot of boxes for that of a profitable bettor. They clearly focus on following a solid strategy and always highlight the importance of this. Their results speak volumes, hitting an ROI of over 20% is very impressive over a large number of tips, so I hope they are able to keep this up and continue making profits for their members. I feel as though the move to Tipstrr was an excellent one for them, as it allowed them to publish fully verified results rather than relying on people believing their own profit/loss. Although at a quick glance it might look like they lose a lot of bets, it’s important to remember that their staking plan allows for this. Plus, more bets will lose than win, which shows in their 22% win percentage. Be sure not to focus too much on this statistic, the ROI means much more. Really, the win percentage statistic just further highlights the importance of managing your bankroll. I would be more than happy to recommend this tipster to people, the results are nothing short of fantastic, and really the fee is pretty good value. It is the lowest tier of charging through Tipstrr and with their results they could easily be charging more.

Now, how will we be scoring them?

ROI – 23.60% ROI is excellent, there’s absolutely no doubt there over so many tips. Hitting 10% ROI would be impressive, so this is something else! Has to be a 10.

Value For Money – With it in mind that you will be in easy profit using just £1 a point, it’s hard not to give the maximum score here. However, as the last month hasn’t been the absolute best, I don’t feel as though it would be right. It is still however another easy 8.

Professionalism –  They seem to have decent enough interaction with their follow ups, alongside the occasional blog post and write ups with their tips, it’s another nice 9!

Long Term Profitability – It’s hard to see them not making profit over a sustained period. This month has been a bad one for them in reality, yet they are still just about sitting in profit. Granted, it is 2.5 units, yet profit is profit. People will likely question the doubles/accumulators, however they clearly can make these work. It’s another 9.

Transparency – There can be no complaints with their transparency, fully verified results, an easy 10.

Overall Score – 9.2

Another very strong tipster, one that we would happily recommend. If you are interested in joining, you can do so below:

As always we love to hear your feedback. If you’ve had any dealings with this tipster, let us know in the comments below!

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