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We thought as a gift to you all that we would treat you with a brand new review!

To put it nicely, the last two tipsters who we reviewed didn’t produce the best results and clearly are ones to be avoided. We have been asked to try and find a top tipster for you all following on from them. I don’ t think we’ve done too badly here, so without hesitation let’s get straight on with the review.


When tracking Bookieinsiders we have been tracking their results purely from their football package. They also offer tips on a few different sports as well, so if you are interested in checking out them as well, give them a follow on:

However as mentioned, we have only been tracking the football package and it has been an enjoyable month doing so! Their tips are emailed out each day and they are well structured with some solid research behind them.


It costs £16.99 per month to join the Bookieinsiders football package


Using the recommended stakes of £50 per selection:

£4100 Tipped
£190.50 Profit
4.7% ROI

Average Odds: 1.93

If you were using £10 per selection you would have made a £38.10 Profit.

Not a bad effort by any means. I wouldn’t shy away from a 4.7% ROI betting on football and I’m not surprised to see them in the green with the clear hard work that goes into their tips. From what I can see they put a lot of effort into their page and their website, which I believe is being updated as we speak to try and improve it for their followers. I look forward to seeing the site personally!

So if you sign up to their package, you will receive the tips each day via email. The tips are well structured with a detailed write up to back up their selections. They’ll provide you with key stats and they also say which bookmaker is offering the best odds. They are also quick to get back to you if there are any questions you need to ask them. Just drop them a message on Twitter and they’ll be with you very quickly. From what I have seen over the month they come across very professional and honest. They keep track of results and do have some impressive long term statistics. An all round solid combination.

What exactly is it you’re betting on if you join them? You’ll be betting across a variety of leagues focusing on singles, avoiding the longshot accumulators which have huge variance and are so rarely profitable. It can vary from the Premier League to Serie A, with a few more in between! It was also a nice touch of them to send their NFL tips on a day when they did not have any football to bet on, thankfully both of these won. The markets that you will be betting on also vary, they utilise the Asian Handicap market and many other popular ones. I made sure to check the prices when the tips were posted to see that they were the best odds and also to make sure it is easy enough to get on the bets at the recommended price. I can confirm that this was the case.

For me one of the best things to see is the effort that they are putting into their page and site. They clearly care to produce good results and solid bets for their customers. It’s reassuring to receive the tips at a consistent time through the email and even better to see a short write up with the tips to back up why they have made that selection. The odds that they backed at averaged out at 1.93, this may seem slightly short however when betting solely on the football this really isn’t a concern for me, it’s rare to be consistently backing at much higher odds unless you are involved in a few different markets.

Now we come to the pricing. As mentioned right at the beginning of the review, it would cost £8.99 per month to join their football package. With the results they posted for the month this feels like a fair price to me. You do get good service and I have certainly seen tipsters out there with far worse results than these who are asking for more money. Of course for their results, it does depend on the size of your bankroll as to how much money you personally would have made. That’s why I decided to put the results using a £10 stake as well, as I feel this falls into the majority of bankrolls. Of course on the face of things a £29.11 total profit once you have taken away the fee to join doesn’t seem huge, but it’s worth remembering that building a bankroll when betting takes time and using £10 a bet is a small stake. As overused as the saying is, betting is certainly a marathon, not a sprint. Never expect to make big money fast. The key is focusing on making money over an extended period and I feel like you would get this with Bookieinsiders.

Final Verdict

I’m glad we have found a solid performer who really focuses on providing good results for their customers. They are very transparent and the results they post aren’t fabricated. This of course should be the norm, however as I’m sure many of you have found out honest tipsters are few and far between. If you do decide to join them, you are guaranteed a professional service that clearly has a lot of hard work put into it every single day. From what I’ve seen this month I rate them very highly and they are right up there with some of the best performers who we have reviewed so far. You can also their Results for the last 3 years and they’ve been in profit for each of them
They’re well worth a follow on Twitter and you can see what you make of them for yourself. They have a new website that has just been designed and it shows the money they have put into their business.


ROI – A 4.7% ROI for a football tipster is very good, especially if it can be kept over a sustained period. There is room for more, however, which is why the ROI gets a score of 8

Value for Money – Naturally this will vary between each individual depending on how much you stake for each bet. If you are using the recommended £50 flat stakes, the £16.99 wouldn’t have much of an impact on your overall profit. If you are using smaller stakes, this could be different. Overall I expect our followers to be averaging between £10-£50 per bet, so this would make their football package reasonable value. For this, I would score this as a 7.

Professionalism – There’s no doubt that BookieInsiders provide a very professional service. They have 24/7 Customer service and will get back to you very quickly if you ever require their assistance. This, for me is a no brainer. 10.

Long Term Profitability – Both this month and their long term results show an gradually increasing curve. I strongly expect for them to help make a profit long term. Their bets are consistent and they are proven to be good judges. A very solid 9 for me.

Transparency – Another strong point of BookieInsiders. Their results are verified by Bettin.gs and they don’t try and cover up losses. They show full transparency and there is no hiding. Again, another easy 10.

Overall Score – 8.8




That brings us to the end of another review. It was a very enjoyable one and it’s great to see a tipster making it in the green. We have a lot planned for 2016 here at CasualGambler and we look forward to sharing our ideas with you. Gives us a shout on Twitter if you enjoyed this review.

All the best