With so many tipsters whose reviews are about ready, it feels a good time for us to start putting more out. We have some big name reviews on their way and also plenty of others who are looking to get noticed. We always love having a load of reviews to get out, hoping to provide plenty of content for you and some good reading!

We’re also part of the way through the Euro 16 Tipster competition. @AlmightyTips has been leading for a long time now and he is still right up there. Keep your eye out on our page for tips from all of the entrants come Saturday. There have been some big winners and I’m sure it won’t be stopping there!

More importantly, we have a new review for you.

Today we are reviewing a horse racing tipster who has some fantastic results that have all been verified over a decent period. We’ve noticed a lot more people asking us to recommend a horse racing tipster, so I’m glad that we are able to get another out fo r those people. His tips are posted on @Tipstrr and he also runs a Twitter account that is worth a follow. This tipster is called BookiesEnemy1 and the Twitter handle is @BookiesEnemyNo1. If you are going to follow the Twitter, it will consist mainly of automatic tweets with a link to the tips. Just as a warning. So is this tipster the one for you?

Let’s start things off by checking out his stats:


ROI: 81.86%

Profit: 2736.9 Units

Tips: 625

Win %: 12


All of these results have been verified by @Tipstrr and it will be no surprise to you that he is sitting at the top of all the leader boards on their website. Quite comfortably at that! These results are simply outstanding. They are over a 3 month period and as he has posted 625 tips, you can tell that this is not just luck. You can also take a look at the above graphs for a nice summary of his results from March 25th until now.


If you are looking to subscribe to BookiesEnemyNo1, here are the different options you have:

1 Week – £19

1 Month – £37

3 Months – £88

6 Months – £155

1 Year – £266


So as you can see, in comparison to the majority of tipsters you will be spending slightly more. With this in mind, it’s very important to make sure that the fee won’t make too big a dent on your bankroll. If joining will take up 50% of it, your best bet is not to join. However, if you do have a sufficient bankroll, this tipster could be for you.

What to Expect

You can expect for tips to emailed out to you the evening before the the races begin with his main focus being flat racing. Both backing horses on the turf and all-weather. These bets will also be posted on Tipstrr if this suits you more than the email option. He recommends in his bio to try and get on as early as possible to get the early value. Naturally a lot of the time these prices will shorten as you get nearer to the off.

You will not be backing horses at short odds. It’s safe to say that this tipster is not a favourite backer. The average odds statistics on Tipstrr are currently inaccurate so we will not be using them. However, you will regularly be backing horses above 10/1. It’s also not just singles that he tips. There are regularly other multiples such as doubles and trixies. The trixies cannot be tipped through Tipstrr though, so these will be specified in the emails when received.

Another sign that is always good to see in a tipster is the detail that he goes into on the email. You get solid analysis explaining why he is backing each selection to give you the faith you might need to put your money on it as well. Even if you don’t agree with the selection, the information can always be valuable for you to consider in your personal bets. Alongside this he does update his blog with on his page, this always gives a useful insight into the mind of the tipster.

Points to Consider

Before you jump into joining, it’s always important to consider specific points for individual tipsters. We’ll run over a few here:

  • If you pay for the membership, can your bankroll still withstand potential losing runs? – Always an important one. Although he is a very successful tipster, due to the nature of his tips it is likely that you will experience losing runs at some point. Make sure you are betting with a bankroll that can allow for this
  • Can you take advantage of the early value? – His emails are sent out between 6-7pm the night before the racing begins. Will you be able to get on the bets soon after the email is sent? If you will only be able to back them the next morning, you could lose out on a big chunk of value.
  • Do you have multiple accounts with bookmakers? – As Tipstrr tells you where you can get the best odds, it’s important that you have as many accounts as possible so you are able to get the best price possible. Not being able to do this can significantly affect the potential profit.
  • You’ll probably face bookmaker restrictions – If these results continue, it’s very likely your accounts will start to be restricted or closed down. Be prepared!

Final Verdict

All in all, bookiesenemyNo1 clearly is a very knowledgeable and successful bettor. He takes great care in providing his clients with detailed and well researched selections. It’s quite impressive to be so clear at the top of the Tipstrr leader boards and it’s even better that these selections are over a 3 month period. As I briefly said earlier, the fact he has provided over 600 tips shows that this isn’t down to luck. If horse racing is something you like to bet on and you’re happy backing both singles and multiples, I would say this horse tipster could be for you. I can appreciate that he isn’t the cheapest tipster ever, but with results like these, the price seems justified.

It’s hard to find many faults here, and with that in mind this tipster will be sitting proudly at the top of our leader board with a very impressive rating of 9.5.

If you want to take a look at his tipstrr page, you can find it here:


As always I am interested to hear if anyone has had any experiences with this tipster, both good and bad. Please drop us a message and let us know.

All the best,