Since this review, Brett’s service has changed quite significantly, with the important points being:

  • Tips are now verified and tracked through @Tipstrr
  • He charges £22 per month/£11 per week

Those are the two most important changes, and after keeping an eye on him for a while now we feel this review is in need of an update.

Firstly, the results have unfortunately been on a downward spiral, since joining Tipstrr, they have been as follows

  • 411.7 Loss
  • -12.91% ROI
  • 319 Tips

It’s a real shame to see this happening and it looks as though the popularity of this tipster has decreased as a result. An issue I’ve seen is that he is tipping the max 10 points for the huge majority of his bets. The main issue that I have is that it arguably could be seen as promoting irresponsible gambling. Whether he is trying to claw back the losses, I can’t be sure, but personally I would like to see some kind of staking plan implemented. You can see the logic in always backing max stakes to try and get noticed and climb the leaderboards on Tipstrr, but from a clients point of view, a losing run will result in huge financial loss.

I can safely say that his intentions are good, there’s no doubt about that and he isn’t trying to scam people. But, unfortunately his results just aren’t good enough to be recommending and they really don’t justify what is quite a high price to join. If you were to give him a follow, to make up for the fee you would want to be backing at reasonably high stakes and that would be/potentially has been disastrous for the people who paid for this service. I’m sure Brett would be open to any questions you might have if you did want to ask him anything on Twitter.

It’s hard for us to overlook a lot of this and it’s a shame to be marking Brett down, but it really feels like it has to be done. We will of course be keeping our watchful eye out to see if he starts moving in the right direction, but for now, the rating has dropped to a 4.



Brett has allowed me to have access to his premium tips for this week which I very much appreciate. He has only started doing this service for a week and I know it has gained a nice amount of popularity in a short time. He uses a slightly different setup to the majority of Twitter tipsters and here is how he got on this week.


  • Since I started the review, BrettHogantips made a loss of £20
  • ROI = -20%

It was very close to being a great week, with a few of the tips coming very close to winning but not quite getting there. These bets are posted on his website and require a password to see. The focus of his tips are betting on the over 2.5 goals market and each selection comes with a decent write up behind it. The premium service is a good one in my opinion and I think a lot of people will like it.

The service is completely trust based. Brett will pots 5 singles on the website over a 7 day period, and will give the password to you if you are following the service. At the end of the week, you then send Brett 10% of the profit that was made over the week via PayPal. Seems like a decent way to tip in my opinion and I like to see that he is putting the trust in his clients. This does of course mean that if he has a losing week, you will not have to send any money to him.

A lot of people seem to like this idea. It is certainly a fair one and I know that most people are more than willing to pay out 10% of their winnings if they have a successful week with their tipster, especially if you don’t have to pay a fee to join. Having a look over the tips themselves, you can see that Brett clearly puts a lot of work into this to both find value, and pick decent bets for everyone to get on. The write ups go into good detail and clearly state why he has tipped the selections. He does also post the occasional tip on his Twitter page for free, so this is well worth a follow if you fancy getting involved in them as well.

Final Verdict

Brett is a good tipster and there is definitely potential for his tipping service to continue expanding. He takes care in the selections and looks to be on the hunt for value, I know that he is also around if you have any questions about how the service works. I would certainly recommend to give him a follow on Twitter and see how you feel. Like I’ve said the premium tips focus on the over 2.5 goals market, but he does also get involved in a few others for free on his Twitter page. I think there isn’t too much to lose personally giving his premium service a go. Of course there is a chance of losing money if his bets don’t come in, but the work is going on behind the scenes to make sure you get your money in good. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing this tipster grow and will be giving a solid rating of 7.

CasualGambler Rating – 7