With Colossus Bets syndicates exploding into popularity across Twitter, we decided it provides a nice opportunity to bring tipsters and the betting community together, by creating syndicates with tips from a variety of different tipsters.

We threw the idea out there and got a positive response, so we have managed to get round to it and create our first syndicate run by tipsters!

Where Can I find the syndicate?

Simply follow this link -> https://tickts.info/bFrSor?p=1

Who Tipped what?

There was a total of 5 tipsters who came together to create this syndicate, here is what they came up with.

@FHGTIPS – Everton to win & Bournemouth double chance

@SportingProfit – Hertha Berlin to win

@timmspicks – Leicester to win & Burnley Double chance

@SergioBetting – Udinese Double Chance & Empoli to win

@ScottBrownsTips – Hull to win

We’d like to thank all of them for their contribution, we’ll be tracking how each of them does throughout the process, so we can even mention the top performers!

Want to take part yourself?

No problem, give us a shout on Twitter, and we can include you in the conversations so you can have your say on each syndicate.

We hope you enjoy them!

Casual Gambler