After finishing day 1 with a small amount of profit, day 2 wasn’t as kind. I already feel as though I have learnt a few things, and even had some more ideas throughout the day.

I’ve decided after today that I won’t do a list and name the tipsters who I followed who showed an overall loss, as I feel as though it might come across that they’re bad. It wouldn’t be right to judge a tipster on one day of results, so instead, when it comes to the end of the month I will be doing a full summary of each tipster who I have followed with their individual statistics.

I had quite a few bets on today, across football (Including an in-play), horse racing and a few greyhound bets. One of my favourite things about this experiment is that it should represent what the standard bettor would expect to make if they were to do something similar. I, as many others do, have a full-time job, a house (with a puppy) to look after, and plenty of hobbies to fit in around this. This can mean that often it will be difficult to get on a bet in time, or maybe I’ll miss the suggested price, I certainly experienced this today.

I decided today to try and follow a few different tipsters’ ‘NAPs’, which a tipster would describe as their most confident selection. I ended up quite frustrated with myself more than anything, as I found myself backing tips that I wasn’t really confident in. Short-priced favourites that represented no real value in my eyes seemed to be common, and I think this can be found quite regularly with ‘NAPs’. For some tipsters, rather than the selection that they feel is the best value being made their ‘NAP’, it will be a horse that they think is the most likely to win a race, almost regardless of the price that is on offer. At the end of the day’s racing, I found myself not having backed a single winner, and with a bankroll £28 less than it was at the start of the day – It wasn’t great.

I had more bets on for the evening, now looking at football and greyhounds. I had a total of 4 bets on football, and unfortunately, none of these came through, one of them was, however, a push, so my stake was returned.

Finally, onto the greyhound tips. Thankfully they treated me much better, and the last 2 bets of the evening came in, much to the delight of my bankroll which seemed to be depleting pretty quickly!

What I’ve learnt From Today

A day of relatively heavy losses can prove to be significant, and I’m glad it happened early on as it made me aware of a few areas where I could improve.

  • As I’m following so many different tipsters, I think I need to reconsider how often I’m putting a 2% stake on a tip. I found that I did this too often, and I really should be sticking with 1% as the standard stake, with the occasional 2% when I feel it’s a good time to take more of a risk
  • Although the experiment is about following tipsters, I still need to use my own intuition and ‘gut instinct’. There were some bets today that I didn’t really feel comfortable backing, and never normally would, but I felt as though I should because of the challenge. It’s important to remember that this isn’t about blindly following tipsters, but trying to use them to be profitable.
  • It can be very difficult to get the suggested price. I found this especially with the greyhound tipster today. He has plenty of subscribers who aren’t afraid to go big on his tips. I was pretty fast on two occasions to get on Bet365 to place the bets; we’re talking under a minute. Yet, when I got there and tried to place them, the prices had already gone and were much shorter. This is quite a concern, as, unless you’re very quick, the likelihood is you’ll be missing out on a lot of value.


Today’s P/L: £30 LOSS

Overall bankroll: £180.34

I have a much better feeling about the weekend, and I’m really looking forward to it.