Hello everyone, it’s great to be back again writing up regular reviews. As I’m sure most of you are aware, we have decided to now track each tipster for a month before writing up the review, this is to give us more accurate statistics on the tipster and should hopefully make it easier for you to decide which tipsters you would like to follow. Pretty much everyone was in favour of this, so hopefully you will enjoy the first review of many following this format!

So who is the first tipster lucky enough to get this review? This week we have re visited a tipster who was reviewed using the old format. It was a popular review and I’m sure people will be interested to see how they can perform over a longer period, they are:


This review will be going into even greater detail, so without hesitation, let’s get cracking!

It’s probably worth us looking at how they got on last time when reviewed for a week so we can compare the two. For the week in total they landed 1 in 25 bets, making a 404 point loss, with an ROI of -77%. So in simple terms they had a shocker.

After tracking them for a month, I have a more detailed breakdown of their statistics, it’s important to see how footballacca work and what they do so you can appreciate this breakdown. Firstly they claim to have a few different tipster who are working for them. Whether this is true or not, I couldn’t tell you. Below are the tipsters who supposedly work for them, taken from their website:

David Ball
John Clemence
Kris McCann
Liu Zheng

There’s a short bio on all of the tipsters on their website if you are interested in reading them and I believe the individuals each have their own Twitter account as well. The one bio that interested me was that of Liu Zheng, saying “signed by footballacca for an undisclosed fee”. Seems a strange thing to put in the bio of a tipster in my opinion, but there we go, I might be looking too far into that!

So how did everyone get on this month then? We’ll take a look at each individual tipster who tipped during the month and will also have the totals for you including their ’10bets’ and specials.

David Ball
1552 Points Tipped
90 Point Loss
-5.8% ROI

John Clemence
1434 Points Tipped
543 Point Profit
37.9% ROI

Liu Zheng
1678 Points Tipped
242 Point Loss
-14.4% ROI

10 Bets and Specials
£2,100 Tipped
£937 Loss
-44.6% ROI


231 Points Profit

£937 Loss


J Clemence
1784 Points tipped
291 Points Profit
16.3% ROI

D Ball
1835 Points Tipped
320 Points Loss

L Zheng
1950 Points Tipped
190 Points Profit
9.7% ROI

10 Bets
£2229 Tipped
£1279 Loss
-57.4% ROI


5569 Points Tipped – 161 Profit

£2229 Tipped – £1279 Loss


So there we have it, a slightly better performance this month from footballacca in comparison to their terrible week that was reviewed previously. I say slightly better because they still did manage to rack up a huge £937 loss from their 10 bets and specials. Even for the individual who is betting £1 a point for each tipster, they would still be £742 down!

It’s worth going over their points system in a bit more detail, as this is something that I did not cover in my previous review. They use points based on how confident they are in each selection, it is not used as a staking plan. The points tipped usually are between 5-30 points, so this can be used however you would want to.

The profit for the tipsters was clearly helped by John Clemence and it was not because of his consistently cracking tips, it was instead an accumulator landing that saw him turn 45 points into 810 in one day. This is certainly worth keeping in mind before we jump to any conclusions regarding the skill of this tipster. If we were to look at the graph of a successful football bettor, it would show a smooth steady increase with not too much variance, showing us consistency with the occasional dip expected. However, if we could see a graph of Mr Clemence, who regularly tips ridiculous accumulators, it would be very much up and down. The graph would show volatility with the occasional win. This is certainly not what we are looking for, as it is near enough impossible to make profit from these long term. The fact is, bookmakers love accumulators, they are always in their favour.

10 Bets

10 bets is a feature that footballacca use to try and induce their followers to believe they will make them rich. You’ve probably seen this before, however here is the idea of ’10 bets’, taken from their website:

“10Bets is turning £20 into £1000 in 10 Bets. All you have to do is place your £20 on Bet 1 and then put your winnings on each bet that follows”.

So essentially, it’s a rolling accumulator. This is another system that is almost impossible to consistently make a profit using. Putting the majority, if not all of your bankroll on each bet is outrageous and it requires a huge amount of luck. Even the absolute best tipster will have losing bets quite a lot of the time, so I wouldn’t put any of my faith in this lot putting together 10 winning bets in a row regularly. It’s a sure way to lose money. It won’t come as a surprise to see that they have claimed to have made over £22,000 profit using 10 bets. I don’t believe this for one second, them losing £937 over the month is enough for me to prove that the claim is nonsense.


If you genuinely wanted to join footballacca, it would cost you £9.99 a year. It doesn’t seem like much alongside their outrageous claims, however their stats for the month clearly show that it is no way worth it.

They do also affiliate with the main bookmaker they use being Bet365. With each bet on their quick tips page, they have the odds at the bottom of each tip saying;

“Only at Bet365 Here –> (Affiliate Link)

This just highlights how poor they are at tipping. It’s not the affiliate link that shows this, instead it’s the fact that they don’t even search the markets to get the best price for their customers. It is ALWAYS Bet365 who they are pointing you towards. Quite clearly they don’t provide the best odds 100% of the time.

Final Verdict

I can’t see any positives at all when looking at this tipster. They had a shocking week the first time around and haven’t done any better when being tracked for a month. They show no sign of improving what so ever. It’s funny how they have managed to ’employ’ tipsters who also don’t have a clue what they are doing. They continue to tip silly accumulators and will continue to lose money should you follow their tips. They had the perfect opportunity here to prove our first review wrong, however I would not change a thing. They will absolutely continue to make ridiculous claims and will try to lure you in with fake competitions that they will not carry out. The best thing to do here is to click that unfollow button and don’t go anywhere near them. They have managed to keep a rating of 1 from us and there would have to be some huge changes made their end to get that changed.

CasualGambler Rating – 1

That brings us to the end of the first ever month long review! I really hope you enjoyed it, I feel like this is certainly the way forward for us. We now aim to get a new review out every week using this format, so by all means get in touch with us if you would like a particular tipster reviewed.