******** UPDATED REVIEW **********

Following the below review, there was one big spike that saw this tipster pass the 1000 unit profit mark after an accumulator landed, however after that, the graph is rapidly pointing downwards. We have taken a look over these results, to see why it has happened and if there is a chance it will be recovered again and in all honesty, we are concerned with what we are seeing and therefore feel it very necessary to update this review immediately.

Here you can see the graph of results and how a lot has gone wrong very fast.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 13.57.50

The thing is, everyone has a bad run in their betting career and we know this, but this does seem to be something different. We have noticed signs of chasing losses in an attempt to get his stats back up to where he wants them to be and to top the Tipstrr leaderboards.

The last three bets speak volumes. You can see three accumulators, all at high odds with the max stake available. This quite simply is awful betting strategy and my concern is that this particular tipster doesn’t know or understand how to deal with losing runs in the correct way. It’s one thing chasing losses on your own, but to be a paid tipster and to advise other people to follow this strategy really is a dangerous game to play.

If you can’t see the below tips properly, they are all accumulators at odds of 20.58, 41.20 and 32.01, each with max stakes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 14.01.17

In all honesty it’s a shame to see this. When the results were going his way this tipster showed a lot of potential and was producing some nice winners on a regular basis, to make slow and steady profits. Unfortunately this really isn’t acceptable for a tipster and what we have written in our review below is practically null and void. All we can hope is that FootballTipstrr learns from this, stops trying to chase the big win for better stats and remembers how to bet profitably. If he continues this way, it won’t be long before the profit is completely in the negative.

With this in mind, his score naturally has taken a big hit. He does have potential, but with everything above taken into consideration, we have decided to score this tipster at a 4.



@FootballTipstrr Review
It feels like a while since we have posted a review for a football tipster. With the lack of known football matches around, a lot take a break over this stage. For this reason, we felt it about time to find a consistent tipster who can give you bets over this summer period! We also have noticed how many of our followers bet solely on football so this hopefully should be relevant!

So, let’s take a look at this tipster. Known as @FootballTipstrr on Twitter, all of his bets are posted onto Tipstrr.com and automatically linked to his Twitter. His Tipstrr page can be found below.


First things first, let’s have a look at the results:


ROI – 12.07%

Profit – 268.1 Units

No. of Tips – 222

Win – 50%

Average Odds – 2.24

Some nice looking results there over a good period as well. Having an ROI of over 12% for a football tipster is certainly towards the higher end and he has shown some good consistency. I understand 222 tips isn’t a huge amount, but I would expect to start seeing cracks show by now if he wasn’t any good.

FootballTipstrr does charge for his service using the lowest Tier through Tipstrr, the prices are:


  • 1 Week – £10
  • 1 Month – £19
  • 3 Months – £45
  • 6 Months – £79
  • 1 Year – £140

So, with this in mind, here’s what you can expect from this Tipster.

We understood that from our second last review, a lot of people were in search of a tipster who was perhaps slightly more consistent, maybe backing bets with less risk decreasing the chance of a longer potential losing run. I was sure to take a look through these results to see if they would fall into this category and I think they do.

If you do decide to join FootballTipstrr, you will find yourself placing bets using a number of different markets over a variety of different leagues, ranging from the MLS, all the way to the Japanese division 2. This inclines me to believe that this tipster relies quite heavily on statistics, as I would assume it is unlikely he does have extensive knowledge of, for example, the Japanese second division. I can’t say this for sure though, of course.

At first I was quite happy to see when reading this tipsters bio that he only sticks to singles, however this did not show in the actual results which was a shame. I will say however that the multiples have proven to be profitable so there are no real issues there, I just feel as a matter of transparency the bio could probably do with updating.

So what markets are used then? You would be backing many different markets with the most popular being; Overs/Match odds/BTTS. These are common markets and I would imagine most people are familiar with these and would feel comfortable betting on them. The average odds you will be backing at are 2.24, which is about standard I feel for a profitable tipster. So, in reality there’s not a huge amount to comment on with regards to that.


FootballTipstrr uses level stakes for all of his bets. They therefore will show as 10 points on Tipstrr. It is very important to take this into account if you decide to give this tipster a follow. It may come across as a max bet, but rather every stake will be like this. My recommendation is to use a maximum of 2-4% of your bankroll on each selection. I wouldn’t normally encourage to go any higher as losing runs will have much more of an impact should they come.

The longest losing run this tipster has gone on so far is 9 bets without a win. So bare in mind that although the average odds are relatively short, there is still the possibility you will experience some losers one after the other. This is why I recommend the above stakes relative to your bankroll. You would still have 82% of your bankroll left after this losing run should you stick to the 2% plan. This will hurt much less than the 10% leftover if you decide to push the stakes up to 10%

I always find it important, especially with a premium tipster, to assess your bankroll and make sure their prices fit into it and will allow you to both pay for the tips and make a profit. I personally think at a minimum you want to be able to back each bet with is  £5 to justify paying for these tips in particular.

Final Verdict

Certainly a promising tipster, the results very impressive and I hope to see them improving throughout the coming months. I feel as though this tipster will suit a lot of our followers. He tips solely on football and isn’t hugely high risk. More importantly, the service is working at a profit. Cost wise the pricing is the lowest tier available, and with all of the bets being tracked on Tipstrr it is safe to say that there is no hiding! Out of all of the football tipsters on the Tipstrr website, he is currently sitting at third place on the leaderboard which is some achievement, as I understand they have quite a number on there.


Transparency – Not too much of an argument over transparency here. All of the results are checked and verified and they will be for as long as they are posted to Tipsrr. The only one small hiccup I came across in relation to this was the claim in the bio to only tip singles. This potentially could come across as misleading to customers, especially if they don’t check the previous results for themselves. I think this is quite minor, so for that reason, I will be scoring this area a 9.

ROI – A very good ROI for a football tiptser and I certainly will be interested to see if this can be kept up. I wouldn’t expect to see much higher than 12%, so this again will get a very good score of 9.

Value for Money – The results show that the service is good value for money, even people with a lower bankroll would be making money on top of the fee using this tipster. So I would say it is good value. This particular area gets an 8.

Long term Profitability – Although we haven’t got a massive number of results here, I don’t see why this tipster will be slowing down anytime soon when it comes to long term. There hasn’t been for example one lucky accumulator landing that has caused inflated results, the profit has been steady. My one concern would only come from the different leagues that are bet over. It always worries me that a particular tipster has very little if any knowledge of these unknown leagues. Of course it’s not really possible for me to be sure, but with everything in mind this gets a score of 7.

Overall Score = 8.2

If you are liking the looks of what you see, all of the details of his page and service can be found on the Tipstrr website here