Here we have another review of one of the larger ‘tipsters’ on Twitter. They have a following of 127K, and their tips are free to follow, being posted either on their website or the Twitter page itself. They will back mainly football and the occasional MLB game. Here’s how they got on this week


  • Since I started reviewing them, FootySuperTips made a loss of £178.84

To be honest there is quite a lot I could say about FootySuperTips, and not all of it is positive! Not all negative either mind. As you can see they have had an absolute shocker, mainly due to the sheer quantity of tips that they post. I didn’t even manage to follow every single one of them, as the ones posted on the site can’t be backdated. I didn’t see any booms for any of them, so I assumed they lost. I gave them the benefit of the doubt anyway and didn’t include them in their stats. As mentioned in my opening statement they focus mainly on football, but they do post the occasional MLB tip on the website as well.

Let’s go straight out with the first issue I have. They are an affiliate with pretty much every single bookmaker out there, and they don’t fail to advertise them on every single tweet they post. Even the tips have an affiliate link to Bet365 telling you to ‘BET INPLAY’. Although their tips are free, this doesn’t make them worth following, far from that. At the bottom of this page I will give a little explanation as to why are always cautious around affiliated tipsters, and why you should be cautious when following them! On top of this they do the classic in-play tips which I really don’t think are ever good, and quite frankly they don’t take any skill to pick. They obviously aren’t researching the games, most likely selecting based on the odds. I don’t believe they know a great deal about Zawisza Bydgoszcz, but this doesn’t stop them tipping them! A next team to score bet isn’t something that has to be tipped, and it certainly doesn’t have to be boomed like mad if it comes in, which brings me to my next point.

Your timeline will be full of affiliate links, bookie deals and capital booms. I’m not kidding, they land a 5/6 in play bet, which obviously takes no skill at all and boom it like mad. You would think they actually did something impressive! It’s also a great shame to see some of their followers that have placed £1000 on these bets, because they will inevitably end up losing a lot of money. Just think, would any bookmaker take £1000 on an 8/1 selection? Not at all, but they’re more then happy to lay the in play short odds, because they know in the long run it will make them a fortune. Always worth keeping that in mind. There was also another situation that was quite frustrating, which was a quite blatant lie. They claimed to have turned ‘£20 into over £700 this week’. That is a massive lie. They got a roller bet all the way up to about £600, but then lost it all on the next one. That makes it a £20 loss, not a win of over £700. A claim like this can be incredibly deceiving to the punter and it’s not good to see.

Final Verdict

The Footyaccums styled Twitter page isn’t one for me and I could never genuinely tell anyone that they’re good tipster or to follow them. The page is mainly full of affiliate links, in the hope you will click them and lose some money. The tips are essentially just fillers to try and make them seem more legitimate, with the numerous BOOMS used to entice people in. If you really are wanting to take betting seriously, this is not the place to go by any means. I’m not a fan at all and don’t think I can be persuaded. We even got off on a bad foot when I requested to review them and was politely told to do one. This is always suspicious behaviour, as a good tipster would normally be more than happy to show themselves off, but not here. Therefore, we are giving them a rating of 3.