I was asked to review GYTO, it didn’t seem as though anyone had anything good to say about them, however I still went in with an open mind regardless, to see what they are offering for myself! Since I started the reviews, it has been focusing completely on horse racing, adding their daily doubles and selections for each race. Here’s how they’re looking:


  • Since I started tracking their bets, GYTO have lost £290.43

The above doesn’t make good reading. I do of course understand that horse racing is something that needs to be looked at long term, however I don’t have faith at all. The reason for this is because firstly every race has a selection. This leads me to believe that there is either none, or very little work going into making these selections. This isn’t the only factor that makes me think this though. The other reason is that the majority of the selections are favourites. Don’t get me wrong, backing a favourite isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you are going to bet on the horses like this, there needs to be a high degree of accuracy which there certainly isn’t here.

GYTO has a big following on Twitter, with 97,000 followers. It’s important not to let this deceive you in general when following tipsters. I’m not saying that it is the case here, but it’s very easy if someone wants to to buy followers and make their account look better.

Another strange tweet from GYTO, was them suggesting their 4/1 horse was an each way longshot. Backing a reasonably short priced selection each way is something that a punter might do on the horses, if they are very confident that the horse will place, but even suggesting it’s some kind of long shot is not right. The horse ended up placing, and of course they made sure everyone knew their ‘Each Way longshot’ placed. Of course this is extremely deceiving when they don’t mention the price of the horse.

Final Verdict

I honestly don’t think who ever runs the account knows much about horse betting. Their selections are poor and I am certain they aren’t well researched. If they ever do select a genuine longshot, I have never seen any good reasoning as to why they have made this choice, which makes me think it was probably selected at random. In conclusion, I really would recommend to stay away from their tips. You will unfortunately lose money, as shown in the profit/loss statistics. They seem to put more focus on tweeting out their affiliate links rather than studying their selections. In reality, this is never going to end well for the punter. It’s arguably a bit generous, but they have achieved a score of 3 this week.

** It’s worth us noting that since writing the review we have been blocked by them. They did not at any point attempt to defend themselves **