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For this review we have been following the tips of @GoalsGaloreTip, more specifically his private Facebook and Twitter pages. The founder of Goals Galore, Ian, focuses on football and seeks value in each of his bets. He looks to aid the punter towards profitable betting both through his tips and also through articles that can be found on his Facebook page, which I was allowed access to over this month. This review is based purely on his premium tips, so let’s start as always by checking out his results!


ROI – 26.86%

Profit – £435.82

Total Staked – £1,622.50

A few additional stats you may be interested in can be found below:

Total Bets – 90

Winners – 55

Losers – 20

Void – 15

Some excellent results here, keeping an ROI of 26% over 90 bets is fantastic and I don’t see any reason why this won’t continue. It’s evident to me from following the bets over the month that Ian takes this very seriously and is consciously trying to make this page a place where the punter wants to be. He is completely transparent and open to all of his members, both in posting his results, and by promoting responsible gambling and offering to help those who need it.

Liking the looks of things? Here’s how much it will cost you to join the private group.


1 Month – £10

6 Months – £50

It’s a small fee for what is a very valuable page, as mentioned it’s not only the profitable tips that you get provided with, but a wealth of other useful information as well as a genuine community where you are able to discuss everything with fellow members. As always we like to work out what size bankroll you can have to make it worthwhile you joining alongside the fee. First things first, each tip is advised with a stake. This stake is recommended to be a certain percentage of your bankroll. As an example, a bet placed today was advised with a stake of 2.5%, so you would back this using 2.5% of your bankroll. If I were to be suggesting a minimum bankroll to go in with, I would be going with £200. This would allow you to still remain profitable alongside paying for the joining fee. I would highly recommend keeping disciplined and sticking to this staking plan. Avoid the temptation to increase stakes.

What To Expect

If you were to join up GGTips premium page, you get access to:

GGT Admin Facebook Group – This is where all of the tips are posted. Ian is the only person who can start new threads, however members are able to comment on these posts.

GGT Consultancy Group – This is an excellent part of the community, one where members are able to start their own threads. There are daily football threads, a daily mixed sport threat and also one for general chat. It’s an excellent page to discuss bets with all of the members there and to get their opinion on certain topics. Ian is also on hand in that page to offer advice and answer any questions you may have.

GGT Private Twitter Page – All of the tips are also posted to this page, it’s a simple page solely for the tips and results afterwards.

You also have access to articles and tutorials on the consultancy Facebook page. They provide you with excellent information on useful topics that are very useful for both beginners and experienced punters. Topics covered include; ‘Emotional disconnection from cash when betting’, Bookmaker restrictions – What to do to Avoid it’ and many, many more. If you are to give this tipster a follow, I would recommend taking a look at the ‘files’ tab and reading over these articles.

Tip wise, Ian covers a wide range of leagues betting over a number of different markets. The bets vary from in-play to pre match with a set stake advised for each bet. You’ll also be provided detailed explanations of why picks have been selected for some of the bets, which is always refreshing and interesting to get an insight into the mind of the bettor. Ian stresses value a lot and is clearly actively seeking out value in each of his bets. Something that is also good to see, is that he doesn’t fall into the trap that a lot of tipsters do when they are trying to build their page and increase members. You’ll often see tipsters increase their bets so they have more to shout about when the winners come in. Ian uses his experience and knowledge to stick to what he does best and is sure to use his own strategy that he trusts fully.

Final Verdict 

I really rate this tipster. His page is a fantastic community that seems to be growing by the day. The page is completely unaffiliated with the main focus being providing quality tips for members. With the evident effort that goes into the page and tips, the £10 monthly fee feels like a very fair price. He has a number of happy members in the private group who can’t speak highly enough of Ian and the service he provides. All in all I really wouldn’t put anyone off giving it a go. The prices that you will be backing at will be reasonably short, but you can be sure that there has been work put in to make sure that each individual selection is good value and that your money is going good. I noticed that Ian himself is always on hand to answer questions and I’m sure that wouldn’t change if you want to ask him anything before you commit to joining.


ROI – For a football tipster to have an ROI of 26% is superb and that is exactly what we have here. Granted, it isn’t over a huge number of bets, however it is still very impressive and I’m sure it will remain near this amount. As it is only over 90 bets, for now it will be a 9. As usual I will be keeping an eye out

Value For Money – For what you get in the group, £10 a month is excellent value and the results speak for them self. I’ve seen many a tipster charge more with results that don’t get near this, another very respectable 9 for this.

Professionalism – No faults whatsoever here. With the promotion of responsible gambling and the hosting of a large betting community, the score can’t be anything else but a 10.

Long Term Profitability – As I’ve said numerous times, it is clear that the main focus for each tip is value. Short odds doesn’t mean no value and I think that long term you will be in profit. I haven’t seen any signs of a bad run yet and this will be given a solid score of 9.

Transparency – All results are tracked and Ian will state when a bet has won or lost. No brainer, it’s a 10.

Overall Score – 9.4

If you are looking to join his page or take a look at some more information, you can pay a visit to his site www.ggtips.com

Let us know what your experiences are with GGTips in the comments section below, we are always keen to hear what you think!

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