We’ve made it to March and we feel it’s about time we posted another review for everyone. As per usual we have a load of tipsters in the pipeline and are currently doing a lot of tracking to come up with some reviews. We’ve got a great year of sports ahead of us, with the Masters coming in April, Leicester on the verge of making Premier League history and the start of what should be an entertaining cricket season. I for one can’t wait and I know most of you can’t either!
For now though, we have been following GSyndicateTips and I think we can crack on with the review.




I can remember coming across GSyndicate a few months a go. I was immediately impressed with their layout and style of betting which intrigued me to track them with the eventual aim of coming up with a review. I have been taking a look at their bets in more detail for the past two months and must say I have been impressed. They are arguably the most underused free tipsters on Twitter. They tick a lot of boxes for the punters, all will be detailed below. Before we go into too much depth, we’ll have a look at what results they posted. As I have been following them for two months I will outline these separately. Their results can also be found in detail on their website.


January 2016:


– £69.12 Profit

– 15.93% ROI


February 2016:


– £79.50 Loss

– -13.03% ROI


On the face of things, we didn’t hit a great patch for GSydicate when tracking for the review, as they made a total loss of £10.38. It’s not the end of the world and there are a few reasons why the profits aren’t looking huge. But first let’s see what you can expect if you decide to give GSyndicateTips a follow.


GSyndicate utilise both their Twitter and website to post their free tips. If you would like to check out their website you can find it at gamblingsyndicate.com. They bet on a variety of sports over different markets. You’ll find them giving tips on football, darts, NFL, , basketball and more. With each tip you will get a detailed write up stating the key stats that they have used to help them choose each bet. They’ll tell you what bookmaker offers the best price and even handy information like the kick off time! It’s clear that they put a lot of effort into choosing each tip and the best part is that all of them are completely free. Even if you’re not one to follow each tip religiously, the information from the write ups alone can be used to help you with your personal bets.


I think it’s important for us to highlight some important information before people get too concerned with the results over the past two months. For January, as stated on their website, they had a busy one and were only able to post 18 tips in total. Also, in February, they stopped tipping from the 20th as things weren’t going too well for them. They took the break to re evaluate their statistical analysis to help them obtain a slightly different, more profitable angle to bet from. This is a good sign for me. It’s very very rare to find a tipster who won’t make a loss on the occasional month. A lot of punters will however fall into the trap of chasing losses, rather than taking a step back and analysing what is going wrong. This will cause people to bet bigger and not change a thing. You won’t find this going on though with GSyndicate.


We also know that they do have the ability to post profit in the long run. You only have to look at the profit/loss from October to see them making a £232.35 profit with an extremely impressive 36.30% ROI. Taking a look at how tipsters react after a losing session can sometimes be the best way to see how good they really are. The results are posted using stakes between £10-£25, therefore the results can pretty much be taken on face value and they would apply to the majority of people who would give them a follow. If you were to follow their tips with these stakes, I would like to see you with a £500 bankroll so it can withstand any possible variance.


Final Verdict


All in all I would say these guys are well worth a follow. Although recently they haven’t been posting incredible results, I’m confident they’re putting the work in behind the scenes to get the graph back in the right direction. As I mentioned earlier as well, the information is all provided for free and can be really useful for your own personal bets. It can save you time researching which is never a bad thing! It’s also great to see a tipster who is completely transparent. A huge number of tipsters fall at this hurdle as they don’t post accurate results, however that certainly isn’t the case here. Their page hasn’t been running for long and I expect we will see it grow over the coming months. I for one will certainly be keeping a close eye on them to see how they do. I’m sure we have people reading who have experienced following them before, if that’s you, please let us know what your thoughts were! If the profit was higher, I would be giving a better mark, but with all things considered they will be scoring a 7 from us today!


CasualGambler Rating – 7