Good evening all,

hopefully the weekend has treated you well and you’re all ready for the week ahead. Thankfully we have got the international games out of the way and we can start looking forward to some premier league action again! I don’t know about you, but Saturday’s just aren’t the same without Soccer Saturday.

So who have we reviewed this week?



Handball analyst is a paid tipster who posts his tips onto his website All of the tips, as suggested in the name focus on handball. This is of course the first handball tipster we have reviewed, so hopefully it is one that you will be interested in! Here is how he got on for the week.

· Since I started the review, HandballAnalyst made a £20.50 profit
· ROI = 14%

A nice week for our handball tipster posting some impressive results! These results are based off £10 stakes, however he does recommend to use £50 stakes per bet, so if you were to follow these tips using them stakes, you would have made a healthy £205 profit! Of course the stakes are completely up to you how you want to play it, whether it be £10, £50 or more!

To be completely honest I have a very, very limited knowledge in handball, so I didn’t have any chance at all to properly analyse each bet personally, however I’m almost certain we have an individual who is very knowledgeable in the field here. It’s always a good confidence booster when they post profit for the week. That’s what we’re all here for after all!

To join up to HandballAnalyst will cost you £10 per month. There is a money back guarantee for anyone who fails to make a profit after 30 days, which is very reasonable in my opinion. It shows that he has confidence in his own bets. The website itself is an interesting one and I would recommend taking a look for yourself! There are some nice features to it, including a blog that looks like will be used to summarise the month, a results page, contact information and more. From what I can see after reading the blog on the first full month, Mr. Handball is very transparent and will post both profits and losses. I know this should be common practice for tipsters to posts their results regardless whether they are winning or losing, however as I’m sure you’re aware this is far from the case for the majority! Some more good news is that HandballAnalyst does not affiliate with any bookmakers either!

Final Verdict

As mentioned I’m not an expert in this sport, however from the results posted it looks like we have a very decent tipster on our hands here. Any profit is good profit and if he can keep us these statistics then you will be building a healthy bankroll in no time. He hasn’t been tipping for a huge amount of time, however so far he has come across very honest and transparent, which is crucial in my books. The fee to join seems fair and you of course have the money back guarantee if the tips fail to make you a profit after the 30 days. I look forward to seeing this tipster grow and develop and I feel he is worthy of a very solid 7 from me!

CasualGambler Rating – 7