We’ve been asked this countless times. Whether it be people messaging us asking for a shoutout, or just simply looking for advice on how to reach out to a wider audience. It’s not the easiest thing to do, and it will take hard work and plenty of patience, but we will try to give you the best possible advice on growing your page so you can get your tips out to more and more people week in, week out.

Before we go ahead I would like to highlight some very important points.

  1. You have to be VERY patient – So many people expect their page to grow almost overnight after they have had a few consecutive winners. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this. You’ll see people boasting about their ‘huge’ profits everyday, your claims can quite easily get lost amongst these.
  2. Make sure you are actually a profitable bettor – I know it should be obvious, but I would recommend that you are actually a long term profitable bettor before jumping in and creating a tipping page. Your goal is to get people to put their hard earned money on your selections. You’ve got to live with the guilt of losing people money if you aren’t very good!
  3. As your followers grow, so will the ‘haters’ – You can be the best gambler in the world, you’ll still experience plenty of negativity on Twitter. As your audience grows, more and more of these will come along. Make sure you are thick skinned enough to be able to take it and move on.

Now with this in mind, if you happy with the above, we can look at some ways of growing your tipping page.

It’s important for you to understand exactly what you want from your page. Do you want to provide a service to a select few people, who you trust understand the swings of betting, or are you simply after as many followers as possible, so you can make your way to becoming internet famous? Are you looking to provide information on each of your selections, to help people improve their own betting, or simply are you looking to just give them tips? Either way, make sure you know what it is you want to do and what image you are looking to portray. This way, you might be able to target a specific audience within the gambling community.

Once you’ve got a grip of this, here are a few tips to growing your tipping page.

Take advantage of larger accounts that welcome your service – I don’t mean by hounding other tipping pages or services for shoutouts. When I say this, I mean accounts such as BetRef, Tipstrr etc. These are a great way to get your name out there. Betref will often retweet your tips when you post them through their website, and for both of them if you are profitable enough you can get your name on their leaderboards and halls of fame. It’s a great way to prove yourself and to get new people following you. Most people want proof that you are actually profitable before they commit their own money, so this is a fantastic way to prove it.

Try your best to post consistently – If you want people to follow you regularly, consistency will prove to be key. For example, if you post tips each morning at 10am, then your followers know when to check. If you are putting up tips at random times during the day, leaving little time to get on, it’s unlikely people will show any long term interest and they will probably end up unfollowing.

Interact with your followers – I know most people will, but show your followers the respect they deserve. They are not inferior to you because you tip and they don’t, take on any constructive criticism, and where possible, offer them help and advice when they’re after it.

Remain 100% honest and transparent – I really would like to stress the importance of this. Maybe your account is new, no one is interacting, you aren’t getting any likes on your winning tips. It seems like no one is watching. So when you hit a loser, to make your stats look better you decide to delete the tip and hope no one saw it. Honestly, this happens all the time. I’ve seen it happen far too many times and always bring it up with the tipster when it happens. It only takes one deleted tip to be spotted for people to never trust you again. Accept that you will lose, take it in your stride and use it to move forward and become better.

Don’t moan if people aren’t following your bets when they win – I’ve seen this happen, as ridiculous as it sounds. Genuinely, people kick off when no one replies saying they got on their suggested bets. Please don’t do this, I’m certain people won’t want to follow you if you moan all the time. I can almost guarantee that you won’t complain if people aren’t on your losing bets, so do keep this in mind.

Be unique – I know this is much easier said then done, as there are thousands of tipping accounts out there, but try your best to create an account that stands out from the rest. Booming in play winners at 1/2 just won’t cut the mustard. That market of painful tipping is saturated. Try and find a new way to stand out, be creative and take as much time as you need, just try your best not to get lost in the crowd!

Where possible, post your bet slips – The fact is, people like to see that their tipsters are backing all of their selections. It’s logical enough that they want to see your money going down before they spend their own. If you are actually in a position to back all of your bets, screenshot them for your followers, it certainly will help you grow and likely will put you ahead of those who don’t.

Post your results – Results are everything when it comes to gaining followers. If you are consistently posting your results, whether they have been good or bad, people will realise that you are honest and transparent. Try your best not to cling on to one good day, because anyone can have them. Prove to your potential followers that you are a fantastic long term investment, and offer the opportunity to earn some extra money on the side.

Really, I think the most important point is to be patient, I could say this over and over again. You’ve got to be in it for the long run. Myself and anyone who is reading this knows that a lot of tipsters are in it to make some ridiculous claims, and make a few quid to pay for their nights out. If you are taking this seriously you need to get out of this mindset and make sure you are prepared to be in this for the long run.  Personally, providing the tipster does take their work seriously, I think that in some cases it makes people more successful bettors when starting a tipping page. Mainly because it provides them with an incentive to put the hard graft in to provide good results. So use this to your advantage. Put in the hours and you’ll see your results improve month by month. Remember, there is no substitute for hard work!

Although short, I hope this article has given both new and current tipsters a decent idea on how they can gain more followers, loyal ones at that.

If you have any more advice from your personal experience, please do leave us a comment below and share it with our community!

All the best,