This is a question that you’ll see all the time. Whenever a tipster decides to charge for their tips, it’s inevitable that someone will ask this question. They are under the assumption that as they are a profitable bettor, they should be able to become rich through their own bets and therefore the need for extra money is not necessary. To put it simply, this really is not true and I would like to discuss why.

First things first, I am not saying that every tipster should start charging for their tips and we will be backing them. If a tipster wants to charge for their service (completely up to them) we would certainly expect them to be honest and more importantly profitable.

So, why do tipsters charge then? They make money most months and using their staking plan looks to be quite a healthy chunk too? Surely they make enough money through their own tips.

  • Their bankroll is not big enough – This is a very important point. The majority of tipsters simply will not have a big enough bankroll to be making a substantial amount of money through just their bets. A good tipster might be making around 4-10% ROI each year, to turn this into a big amount of money that could potentially work as a full time income is practically impossible unless you have a very large bankroll. Therefore charging is a good way to supplement the income from your betting.
  • A lot of time is spent researching, making a website etc – I think there are a few tipsters out there who exaggerate the amount of time they spend researching. Especially the ones who can only stick two favourites into a double after 4 hours of solid research. However, for those who put the effort in, they’re asking for a small amount back to cover the time that they spend out of their own life putting in the work. This makes it more rewarding and worth their while. The fees can also help cover website costs, time answering questions and anything extra that they might be doing. If you look at it from a tipsters perspective, it might not feel right for some to be providing a profitable service and losing money from it.
  • The HUGE majority of people lose gambling – If you are skilled enough to genuinely make money over a sustained period gambling, you are a minority and are therefore in demand. If you can make people more money on the side on top of a fee, then it’s no harm to anyone.
  • To make some extra cash – The extra money can also be an incentive for the tipster to work harder to make sure they are making profit. At the end of the day, people will unsubscribe to the service if the tipster is not making them money, so it is definitely in their interest to be churning out profitable tips!

At the end of the day, the way I see it is that the decision is completely down to the tipster. If they want to start charging, then so be it. No one is obliged to join them and I don’t think tipsters deserve abuse for going down that route.

It’s also important to remember that just because a tipster charges, it does not necessarily make them better then every free tipster. Unfortunately, the majority of premium tipsters will actually be running at a loss, so it’s important not to jump in and pay the fee if you are happy enough to join a VIP service. Check if they have a spreadsheet of verified results. If not, drop a message and we will see what we can find out!

I can completely understand why some people won’t pay anything for tips and I’m not at all trying to make anyone go out there and start paying now. There are plenty of good tipsters who don’t charge a penny, naturally I have a lot of respect for them spending their own time trying to help others make a bit of extra cash.

As always I’m interested to hear your thoughts. Feel free to leave a comment below or message us on Twitter. They’re always welcome!

All the best,