Updated review 19/07/2016

Since we first reviewed inPlayMan an awful lot has changed. His results have picked up immensely for one. It only takes a search for his username to see the many many tweets of positive feedback from his over 17,000 followers. Twitter is an absolute wash with inPlay Tipsters especially but inPlayMan does seem to have a lot of knowledge and you won’t find him betting on obscure leagues that a lot of these tipsters do just to get a bet on either. He’s a very blunt and straight to the point kind of Tipster. He made a very popular article titled ‘I’m An Affiliate Tipster – So Fucking What?’ and in that he explains why he affiliates with certain bookmakers in a very blunt fashion, but this is much better than what we see from most Tipsters nearly trying to hide the fact that they are affiliates or telling their followers that they NEED a certain account to place this bet. inPlayMan is straight up and HONEST. Having said that he does not track Profit&Loss, when we asked him about this he told us this ‘ ” I used to run a service a few years ago that tracked everything and in all honesty I know how much of a pain it was and how time consuming. And that was a premium site that cost money for people to join lol” – So in short, no profit and loss but every tip is free. He even has a VIP section on his website which upon clicking it he tells you to go away and explains how his tips are free and always will be. So basically there’s no one forcing you to follow his bets or click his affiliate links so what’s the problem. One fantastic thing I see almost on a daily basis from following inPlayMan is his fantastic charity work. A lot of the time his followers tweet him asking can they send him a donation after winning certain amounts of money from his tips. He always responds with a link to a JustGiving page where you can donate money to ProstateUK, which is a fantastic charity. All in all I think an update to this review is long overdue and if following in-play tipsters is your thing, having inPlayMan on your feed will definitely be a positive follow.

Updated CasualGambler Rating – 8.5


Here we have a free Twitter tipster, who, as the name suggests focuses on In-play betting. These accounts are becoming more and more popular on Twitter and he has a decent following of just under 3,000 people. The tips themselves were nearly impossible for me to actually track to give P/L stats and the ROI. This is because the bets are posted without any odds, and of course unless you are by the computer the whole time, the odds will change too quickly and the correct ones can’t be found. So instead of giving these, I have decided to track the bets as follows.


  • Since I started the review, InplayMan have made a £73.33 loss

InplayMan has a staking plan, which is:

3 Stars – Very Confident

2 Stars – Confident

1 Star – Longshot

Normally I would use these to create a very simple staking plan, but instead I thought I would just see how many of each landed, we know that the odds will be short so for this to be genuinely profitable we need a lot more winners than losers.

3 STAR BETS – In total there were 7 three star bets posted for this week, suggesting he was very confident in the selections. Out of these, 4 won and 3 lost. So if we were to take the average odds of these selections, I worked it out to be around 1.6. (Give or take a few). Let’s say you were to have £30 on each selection at 1.6, you would have lost £18. These figures of course are not gospel, and I am sure there is some variation there, but as an estimate it will be reasonably accurate.

2 STAR BETS – Again there were 7 two star bets for this week. Out of these 7, 3 won and 4 lost. The majority of these two star bets are focusing on next team to score bets, no clean sheet etc. So again we are averaging at odds below evens. This is pretty much guaranteed to be a loss, because even if we were to average the odds out to 1.9, the total loss would be £26 with £20 stakes.

1 STAR BETS – There was only a single 1 star bet that was placed, this lost. So of course this will amount to an overall loss as well.

InplayMan also found a couple more winners. He won 1 ‘Early Bird Banker’ bet priced at 4/6, and lost 1 at 20/21. He also won a banker bet priced at 7/5, and lost on an In Play Challenge.

Unfortunately for InplayMan, it wasn’t the best of weeks for him! It’s never easy to make consistent profit when betting at very short odds in-play, and these stats are reasonably common for the in-play tipster. I won’t be quick to say it is a result of poor tipping or anything like that, as any real gambler will know that there are good and bad weeks.

If you are considering following InplayMan, it’s worth knowing what to expect. Firstly you will get the standard in-play bets. Your next team to scores, your no clean sheets. I’m sure you know what to expect. Thankfully he does not seem to be one to exaggerate any profits, or make false claims, and he has a decent following of genuine people who enjoy his tips. You will also get the feature bets, such as the early bird banker, bankertreble and the bankerchallenge. These will normally have a couple of selections to them. It seems to almost be a normality amongst the free tipsters, but he is an affiliate with Bet365. So with each tip you will have the affiliate link to bet in-play, so be warned!

Final Verdict

Definitely a matter of personal opinion here, as it is the majority of time. I know that a lot of followers like the in-play tipsters, so by all means if this is what you like to see then he is definitely worth a follow. You will have plenty of bets to get stuck into and even a basic staking plan that you can follow and mould around your own personal bankroll. It certainly wasn’t a profitable week this week, but I know he does have profitable ones as I have had some good feedback about him. If you’re someone who has followed him previously, let me know what you think!

CasualGambler Rating – 5