InPlayWinners Review

@inplaywinners__ is a free Twitter based tipster who has a solid base of loyal followers. As the name suggests, his main focus is on in-play tips and challenge bets. He has managed to turn £25 into £1000 twice on his page. (Neither of these were completed whilst we were tracking).

We have been following his bets for the past month, let’s see how he got on:


Total Staked: £520

Profit/Loss: £95.60 Loss

Average Odds: 1.52

ROI: -18.4%

These results have been calculated using £10 stakes, unless suggested otherwise.

It was a shame to see In-Play winners with a losing month, as he is well backed and we had only heard good things. With that in mind, please remember that every tipster goes through rough spells, so these results aren’t fully representative of how this tipster will perform over a sustained period. However, let’s have a look in slightly more detail and what you can expect if you give him a follow.

Average Odds

Some people love these markets and type of bets, however I know they are not for everyone. If you decide to give in-play winners a follow, expect to be backing selections at very short odds. This is highlighted with the average odds over the month coming at 1.52. With this in mind the likelihood is there will be a reasonably high strike rate, so you should have a lot to cheer about. This does not mean that there is anything wrong with these type of bets, there can still be plenty of value on short priced selections!

It isn’t easy to make money betting on these markets, but the backing of his followers seems to suggest in general In-play winners is pretty good at it. The main markets are ones such as, over 0.5 goals, X team no clean sheet etc. If you give him a follow make sure you get your notifications turned on as this will be important to allow you to back the selections on time.

Challenge Bets

As I mentioned in the introduction. In-Play winners has turned £25 into £1000 twice already, which is an incredible achievement. This has also been confirmed by his followers so I have no doubts that it has been completed. This was done after 3 attempts. Unfortunately whilst we were tracking, 2 challenges were started but both of them lost. The first lost on bet 2, and the second on bet 3.

I understand that challenge bets and rollers are very popular and they are always good fun to follow. My best bit of advice would always be to make sure you’re starting off with a stake that falls within your bankroll. Naturally there is a lot of variance with roller bets, as if it falls at any stage, whether it is bet 1 or bet 12, you lose the lot.

General Points

There are a lot of positives as well for In-Play Winners that are well worth highlighting. Firstly I would like to point out what an incredible following he has. You can see whenever a bet goes up that a lot of people are with him. It’s a decent community he has got there which is always good to see. I would say it’s unlikely he has built this from losing tips, so I’d imagine months like this one aren’t too regular. It’s also great to see that In-Play Winners is always open to improvement as highlighted to myself, he is always willing to take advice on board.

He is also completely free to follow and there are no catches! You won’t find your timeline filled with affiliate links and he won’t beg you for any donations. I have a lot of respect for that, as I know he wouldn’t struggle to make a few quid with a ‘VIP’ account.

I think as far as improvements go, there are a couple that I can think of that would really push this page to a different level. I think it would be great to see some kind of staking plan, or even an indication of how confident In-Play winners is with each selection to give an idea how much to stake. This can be the difference between a losing month and a winning one. It is completely possible that he is happy with flat stakes on each bet, but I think a points based staking system would go down well.

Final Verdict

A respectable tipster here who just didn’t quite manage to find his form this month. I am confident that he will bounce back soon and I’m sure his loyal followers are too. His bet types aren’t for everyone, but I also know they will go down very well with others, especially those who like an in-play bet with the occasional roller! To make money long term is always the goal and the majority of people struggle to back in-play. I like to think that is not the case here, especially if he can continue landing the £25-£1000 challenges. I’ll be keeping my eye on this tipster to see how he bounces back from this month, however for now, we have rated him a respectable score of 6.


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