Today we are looking at a tennis tipster who branches from the account Bookie Insiders. The tipster claims to be a long time tennis investor and tennis expert.

First things first, let’s have a look at their results.

Lifetime Profit:

  • From £50 stakes, InsidersTennis have made a profit of £10,066 since June 2015

2016 Results:

  • So far in 2016, they have made a profit of £5420
  • ROI – 25.23%
  • 481 Bets in total

All of their results are checked and verified by, the graph of their results for this year can be seen below.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 22.25.36

The orange line represents profit per month, and the green line overall profit.

It’s a very tidy looking graph and one you want to see when choosing to invest in a tipster. At the end of the day, consistency is huge and you need some level of it in order to maintain long term profits. This graph shows that you will be getting a lot of that if you were to join.


IncidersTennis are a premium service and if you want to join them, it would cost you:

  • £16.99 Per month
  • £84.99 Per year

The first thing I like to look at when reviewing a premium service, is whether the pricing is good value to every type of punter. Realistically, not many people will have the bankroll to be able to stake £50 per bet, so we can break this down to see if it’s still worth your money with smaller stakes. As we always recommend, only spend around 2% of your bankroll on each bet, so be sure to work this out before you jump in.

Let’s say your bankroll allows you to stake £5 per bet. If we take their worst month this year whilst still in profit, you would still be ending the month with £25.49 profit once the £16.99 fee has been paid. Then if you were to be backing at these stakes on their best month, you would be ending it with a profit of £107.66 once the fee has been deducted. With this in mind, even for the punter backing at low stakes there does seem to be good value. You would find yourself building your bankroll which in turn allows you to increase the stakes as you go. Long term thinking is crucial.

What to Expect

If you join up to InsidersTennis, you will have access to a members section of the Bookie Insiders website. Each time a tip is posted you will receive a notification allowing you plenty of time to see the bet and get on. The team are also always on hand for any questions you may have, from my experience their customer service is second to none. They clearly pride themselves on this and personally I think it really shows.

There isn’t a particular market that they focus on. You will see bets for over X games, match winner and many many more. They do not limit themselves to only one market. It’s also important again that you have as many betting accounts as possible. Getting the best odds is a huge part to keeping profits consistently, and if you aren’t getting on at the best price you won’t find results quite as good as these.

I personally am not in much of a position to comment on the selections themselves, as my tennis knowledge is quite limited. However it’s clear to me that these tipsters are experts. I’ve seen a lot of tennis tipsters who really struggle to make long term profits like this and the results are nothing short of excellent.

Final Verdict

All in all, InsidersTennis are very good at what they do. I see this as an investment if you were to give them a go. They boast very healthy, consistent profits and I don’t see any reason why the graph will stop growing here. This account is quite comfortably the best tennis tipster I have come across. Since they started in June 2015, they have only had 3 losing months, the rest are quite comfortably in the green. As mentioned earlier on in the article, the very minimum I feel you should be staking per bet if you were to follow them is £5. If your bankroll only allows you to stake lower, realistically the fee probably is not worth it for you. Anything over £5 though, you’re good to go. We have also only had good feedback from their current members, most of them very happy with their recent Wimbledon performance, where they made some very serious profit. I wouldn’t keep anyone away from this tipster. If you are unsure, give them a follow on twitter and take a look at their results. You might get an even better idea as to whether they are suited to you or not.

Here’s how we will be scoring them.

ROI – A 25.23% ROI for this year is very, very good. It doesn’t get much better than this and to keep this up throughout is fantastic. This is quite an easy 10 for me.

Value For Money – Again, they have proven to be excellent value for money. For the quality tips provided the fee really isn’t much. Even for the smaller stakes punters you can get along just fine with them – 10

Professionalism – 24/7 Customer service, email notifications when each tip is received. It’s hard again to give anything short of a 10. So we’re not! It’s another 10.

Long Term Profitability – Their results graph shows this best, the upward curve with not many dips is exactly what you would want to see. Their worst month saw them at a loss of £894.25 and they have had 3 losing months in the past 13. It’s still very impressive but just about falls short of the top marks here. I fully expect long term profits and it’s still a 9.

Transparency – Joining in my opinion was a good move from them. Their results are now all verified so naturally they will be completely transparent. Hard to give anything else but a 10!

Overall Score = 9.8 

This tipster now sits at the top of our table and they fully deserve it. After following them for a while I was very impressed with how they work and operate at this high a level. Huge congratulations and respect to the tipster who runs this. There is clearly a lot of hard work that goes into finding value in these tips. Excellent job.

All the best,