We’ve been getting a lot of heat recently, Betting Scams thinks he knows everything about us, and unfortunately people have jumped on the bandwagon, believing every single word he says.

So we thought we would write a piece for you all, from start to finish, you can see everything. I intend to be completely open with you here. Take it or leave it.

First things first, my name is Chris Meredith, I am 21 years old and I decided to create this account after seeing useless tipsters lose people money. I’ve always been into betting, and have spent hours upon hours reading up and learning strategy. I know a lot of people see the age and it puts them off, which is fine.

I started off this account emailing reviews to people who wanted them. The list grew to about 30 odd people, so I put the question out there to my followers to see if they would be interested in me making this into a website. That is where Dan from Dublin got in touch. He explained how he makes websites and how he would be happy to help me out by creating, and maintaining the casualgambler.net website for me. From here, Dan joined up with me, I gave him access to the Twitter account and the rest is history. He helped me grow the Twitter and promote the website and from there onwards we discuss the page day in day out, trying to come up with new ideas to improve.


A tweet went out by Betting Scams recently, claiming that this page and Bookie Insiders are run by the same people. Apparently he can confirm it. To give you the short answer, he can’t. Why? Because it isn’t true. Now let’s explain this in more detail.

To start, bookie insiders wanted a review, here is the first message they sent to us:

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 21.23.20

So, it went on. We did a review for them, thought they were good, so they got a good rating.

Next thing, they sent out a Tweet asking for web designers as they wanted to update their site. As Dan is a web designer, he sent them this message.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 21.26.17

Dan then went on to create the website for them. Turned out they were both from Dublin, so naturally that became a talking point in their messages to each other.

There isn’t anymore to this. Dan still runs the Twitter for me, whoever it is from Bookie Insiders runs the Twitter for them. Dan and the Bookie Insiders man are both from Dublin, as mentioned above. Hence, the location of tweets are coming from locations not too far apart. It really is that simple. They don’t influence our page, we don’t influence theirs.


This was my idea. In hindsight, was it really ever going to work? Not really. I won’t bore you with the details, but in brief, as I spend a hell of a lot of time reading up on strategy, I thought it might be a shout to teach it to people individually and help them develop their own strategy. Plus, I saw it as a way to earn a bit of money. Myself and Dan spend a lot of time on this page, we saw it as a way to make something back. Yes, it was naive (I’m only a ‘fresh faced kid’ what do you expect?) and I get that now. But we all make mistakes, this was one of them. Hands up.


Betting Scams called it me begging people for £100. This isn’t true. I shall explain.

I am in a betting syndicate currently with some fantastic experienced bettors. I really enjoy it, and thought it would be something I could introduce myself. My idea was to gather some of the best tipsters on Twitter, and get them all into one place. We would all have an interest in the group, because we are all in financially and each person owns a percentage of the syndicate. We would also follow perfect bankroll management and it would be a place for strong betting minds to come together. Naturally, no one trusts anyone on Twitter, so this was immediately called out as a scam. I probably should have realised that there would be a negative reaction, but I can’t put it any other way. Simply, I can assure you that the only reason I wanted to start this was for the above. No intentions of taking anyones money, no intentions of scamming people. If I did want to, I wouldn’t approach experienced, clued up bettors that’s for sure.

I know that some people’s opinion will not and cannot be changed. That’s something that I have learnt to accept. But getting called scammers and a load of other abusive words is taking it’s toll. Honestly, I would understand it if there was some kind of scam going on, but I can categorically tell you that there is not.

I’ll be transparent with you, since we started this page we have earned £198.20. So, in the scheme of things, bugger all. We spend half of this on the website each month, so this page is comfortably a losing venture. I’m fine with that though, I have a full time job and don’t need extra cash, I’m more than happy to pay my own money out each month on the website hosting, to be able to post enjoyable content for people. Also, I love doing it. Writing has always been a passion of mine, this allows me to write about one of my favourite subjects.

To be honest with you guys, the love for it is slowly going. Myself and Dan both put a ton of effort into this, now to be flooded with lies, abuse and false claims is crazy. You can take it or leave it with what I have written above. I know for a fact some people will claim it to be untrue, and others minds cannot be changed. All I can tell you is that everything was written to be completely transparent with you. We want to put things straight, we want you to see things from our point of view.

Cheers for reading,

Chris and Dan