These tipsters have both a Twitter page and website. Their main focus is on the website which has their premium tips, the website can be found at On top of this they post the occasional free bets on their twitter page, for this week I have only been following their premium tips, here is how they got on.


  • Since I started the review, Lightfoottips have made a £179 loss

So very obvious to tell that this was a shocker of a week for anyone who has paid for these tips. It really didn’t go well for them, with 17 tips provided, and 16 losses. Only one tip one which was placed at odds of 4/5. I have used the recommended staking plan that is given with all of their tips. The staking plan consists of high, medium and low, and as suggested I have used this as follows:

High – £20

Medium – £10

Low – £5

Whether high, medium or low, none of these worked and I’m sure there are some really disappointed members out there! Here is how much it would cost you to join up to their premium service.

1 Month – £10

3 Months – £25

1 Week – £5

1 Year – £70

Pretty pricey really all things considered. If you were to join you can expect to be given doubles, trebles and short priced singles. They don’t come with any kind of write up, but the odds are stated next to each of the selections. They claim on their website to be £30,588 in profit since their launch. I like to see myself as reasonably optimistic, but in all honesty, I cannot see how this is possible. Firstly, their stakes are far too low to be able to rack up this much profit, secondly, the type of bets placed are just so unlikely to be this consistent, and finally this week would suggest otherwise!

Now I’m not sure if their free Twitter page is much better, but they will post majority in-plays, again at short odds. I assume the idea of this is to try and land a few very short priced winners to entice the followers in. Maybe it’s worth checking out, maybe not. I would probably say if you’re after in-play tipsters there are a few better ones out there. This is another tipster who I would love to know what you think. Any good/bad experiences, please feel free to share them with me!

Final Verdict

I couldn’t even say to sign up to these tips to be honest. It was an all round negative week for them, with loads of losing tips and no profit what so ever. Their tips are priced strangely and it’s very hard to justify spending any money on either of the packages. I think there is a lot of room for improvement with them, they like to put a couple of bets up, and then put them in a double at the end of it. I’m almost certain they don’t include these in their profit/loss tweets, I wouldn’t let that slip! I would also like to see some write ups to give reasoning behind their selection. It’s far too easy to blindly pick bets when they are at such short odds, so a write up allows us to see if they are genuinely checking for value or not. A definite low rating from me, 3 it is!

CasualGambler Rating – 3