@Craigyboy_1991 Review

Craig, otherwise known as Ltp_Ratings is a horse racing blogger who posts his bets on his Twitter page. As stated in his bio, long term profit is what he is all about. But is he able to provide this for his followers? Let’s take a look at his results to see how he has done.

Thankfully we have access to a huge spread of results to test out long term profitability, here’s what we’ve got.

2016 Results So Far

January: -41.00 Units

February: +79 Units

March: +24.24 Units

April: +145 Units

May: +84.74 so far

Totals: +292.99 Units

An extremely impressive set of results for this year, we also have his 2015 results which are as follows:

January: +243.02

February: -29.80

March: -66.25

April: +119.50

May: +91.25

June: +72.67

July: +85.25

August: +147.75

September: -19

October: +132.25

November: +100.25

December: -8.25

Totals: +868.04 Units

These results have been taken using the suggested stakes of 2pt wins, 5pt max bets and 1pt EW for selections 25/1 or over.

This really says a lot about the tipster. The majority of horse tipsters on Twitter do struggle to make a profit, it isn’t an easy sport to crack and its volatility can be enough to put people off it forever. However here, we are looking at an extremely knowledgeable, well rounded tipster who has the ability to provide you with very healthy profits over a sustained period. As with any tipster, they do come with a few warnings that I will highlight below.

Make sure you are prepared and happy to back selections at high odds. Craig is not at all a favourite backer, in fact quite the opposite. You will be betting at long odds, therefore it’s very important you are implementing correct bankroll management to withstand any potential losing runs. As when you are backing at these odds they will happen. However, doing this will pay off and is well worth trying.

Next thing to consider is your account being restricted. I can almost guarantee you that if you start following these tips it won’t be long until your account gets restricted or closed. The bookies essentially don’t like taking bets like this, they would much prefer you back the favourites in every race, as this is where they make their money. So be prepared to have to find ways to get your money on, I’m sure Craig has experienced this in almost all of his accounts! Wherever possible, take a look at the exchange and see what price you can get with them. It is by far the best alternative to the standard bookmaker. This way, you won’t face any account restrictions as well.

Final Verdict

Although he wouldn’t call himself a tipster, his personal bets are well worth a follow. Even if you’re just using them for your own reference, you won’t regret it. You can see all of his bets for completely free. Even the top premium tipsters would struggle to get results like this, so this is a good opportunity to take advantage! We’ve come across many horse racing tipsters and I feel as though Craig is right up there. With everything above taken into consideration, I certainly would point anyone in his direction. Just make sure you aren’t put off if the first few days aren’t winning ones! As a result of all of this, he is getting a very well deserved rating of 9.


Has anyone had any positive experiences with Craig? If you have, feel free to comment below and let us know!