Here we have a twitter based tipster who focuses entirely on tipping the horses. The tips are majority long odds backed each way. All of the selections are posted the evening before the races start, and the prices are next to each selection. Here is how he got on for this week.


  • Since I started the review, max_Ew made a loss of £17.50
  • ROI = -5.8%

There isn’t a whole lot that can be said about this tipster, as there isn’t loads to go on. However I feel it is important to include not only the bigger tipsters, but also some of those who are growing.

max_Ew has 74 followers on twitter at the moment, however is very consistent in posting the tips.Each tip comes with the selection itself, the time of the race and also the best odds at the side. He does not advise where you can get the odds at, so it does require some hunting to find the best prices. As a possible improvement I would like to see this personally. The tips themselves are far from what we are used to finding amongst racing tipsters on Twitter. He certainly isn’t a favourite backer. As the name suggests, the focus of the selections is to back at long odds each way. Thankfully, when a few of them lose he does not start backing at shorter and shorter odds to try and find a winner, which is quite a common and easy trap to fall into.

There were a total of 27 tips posted throughout the week, there isn’t a staking plan that comes with the selections, so I worked with standard £10 stakes for win only bets and £5 for the EW bets. There were a couple of decent winners, one at 12/1, and another at 8/1. The name was actually passed onto myself from a followers and I was very interested to check him out. I think there is potential for some growth here, and it is good to see a tipster going a bit different, and possibly trying to find some value from the selections. The one real issue is that there is no way of knowing this, as there is no write up with each of the picks. I certainly don’t think that the picks are made at random, as it is not easy to guess a 12/1 winner, but I do think it would be a huge improvement if there was a write up included, even if it was just a small one. It is not easy to persuade the majority of people to back at long odds, so I feel that some justification would help this.

Final Verdict

Free to use and easy to follow, I think we might be looking at a decent tipster here. It is hard to say that for sure at this stage, but I will certainly be keeping an eye out to see where this one goes. I certainly wouldn’t put anyone off giving him a follow, and maybe taking a shot at some each way selections for yourself. It goes without saying that the rewards have potential to be very high! If anyone has ever used him before, please get in touch and let me know how you got on, I would love to hear it!

CasualGambler Rating – 5