Today we are taking to one of the biggest tipping sites on Twitter. Dedicated to horse racing and greyhounds, it is @myracingtips. This review has been requested numerous times, so we have made sure to collate enough information to hopefully provide an accurate review and description of their service.

From what we have seen, opinions on them seem to be varied. Some people love them, others not so much. They are known for being linked to another large Twitter tipping page @FootySuperTips. However we have approached this, as we always do, with an unbiased, open mind.

First things first, we’ll start off by checking out their results.


  • £276.15 Profit
  • 34% ROI

A nice set of results here with a solid return on investment. I would assume this is better than most people expected, however there are still a few findings that we noticed after keeping a close eye on them for this time.

We’ll kick of the description by checking exactly what MyRacingTips are about.


My Racing Tips are a free horse racing and greyhound tipping service who post all of their selections to their website For the review, we have only followed their UK and Ireland horse racing selections.  They have a very structured approach to their tipping, which usually consists of the below:

Win Accumulator – For this they usually get together 3 favourites across the day and put them into an accumulator. The ‘suggested’ stake for this is £10. It’s one of my least favourite parts about their tips. It’s never been a profitable strategy to stick some short priced favourites into an accumulator and that hasn’t changed. I saw it happen a lot where two out of the three won, however it means nothing when you put them in a multiple together. The ROI over our review period for the ‘Win accumulator’ was -1.24%

Mega Odds Acca – It’s as bad as it sounds. Here, they grab a few more favourites and second favourites, and then they put them in an accumulator generally with pretty high odds. They suggest a £5 stake for this. A real poor way to bet and I think they are just trying to appease a portion of the betting community here by posting bets like this. The ROI for this was -100%

NAP – This is quite simply their most fancied pick of the day. They suggest a £20 stake for their NAP and it generally is quite a short priced pick. The ROI for their NAPs was -17.86%

Early Value Tip – Doesn’t seem to be much different to a standard single. But I would assume they call it this as they feel the price will be cut throughout the day. The ROI for the early value tip was 50.96%

Win Lucky 15 – This is a simple Lucky 15 bet. For this they take 4 selections to be put into this, suggesting a £1 bet (£15 stake in total). A Lucky 15 consists of 15 bets involving 4 selections in different events. The bet includes 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 fourfold. The ROI for the Win Lucky 15 was 57.53%

Each Way Double – For this selection they pick two horses, usually at prices around 5/1 and above, they then put these into an each way double. The suggested stake for this is £5 each way, so £10 will be staked in total. One bet from this category saved them completely, making them over £300 profit in one bet. I do however feel as though in the long run they are losing out putting them in a double, rather than making them two singles. The ROI for the each way double was 148.7%

Race Previews – For this section they will take a number of tips, usually 1-3 and will post a small write up alongside the selection. I’ve always been a fan of an explanation with the bets, as it allows us to understand the tipsters’ thought process to see why they have made the particular selection. They landed a few decent bets through their race previews, and the total ROI came to 95%

Singles – Does what it says on the tin. They post a handful of singles for meets across the day. The odds completely vary here, some longshot outsiders and some favourites. There is no stake suggested for each of these, but I calculated the P/L using £10 per bet. The ROI for these were -5.56%


Although My Racing Tips did come out in profit for this review period, there were a few concerns that I would like to highlight with regards to their service. Based on how they bet and the strategies they follow, I do find it hard to see how they will continue to make profit over a sustained period. We’re looking at tipsters who are posting over 15 selections a day. With this in mind, it’s hard to see how they are actively seeking value on all of these suggestions. I also dread to think of the impact that one day with no winners would have. The losses would be huge!

As I briefly mentioned earlier as well, I feel, especially the ‘win accumulator’ and ‘mega odds acca’ will only result in long term losses. I saw it so many times, where two out of the three bets came in for the win accumulator. If they were all backed as singles, it would be profitable, but with one treble it means nothing. Although they will inevitably claim it to be bad luck, it is really just a result of poor betting strategy when a treble loses by one leg.

I personally was especially impressed with their Race Preview section, I’m always a fan of seeing an explanation behind each bet, and they do seem to be thought out enough. The results did show with a very healthy 95% return on investment. The each way double could arguably be slightly deceiving, as although they achieved a very high ROI on this, it really was a result of one bet that returned profit of  £304.38. This naturally will help things a lot!

Now aside from their results, let’s move onto their website and tipping page briefly. There are some pros and cons to the both of them, which we will discuss.

Firstly a few positives. The website is nicely set out with a handy results section where you can see the horse racing results for the day. They also have some decent betting guides available to read where you can see some of the basics needed to understand horse racing. As for the Twitter, their real positive is that they are always quick to get back to you should you have any questions. They seem to have someone on hand all day throughout, which can never be a bad thing.

If we are now to look at the negatives, they really can be put together, both through the website and the Twitter. The main problem is their constant push of affiliate links. Where ever you look with them, you will have an affiliate link. They’re below every tip, every page on their site and all over Twitter. If you are to give them a follow, you have to be prepared to be flooded with them. Although they will be making money from the bettors losses who signs up through the links, they will also be on a CPA deal with others, meaning they earn a set fee every time someone signs up through the link. Either way, it’s very clear to me that the main concern for MyRacingTips is to push as many affiliate links out as possible, as this is where they make their money.

Final Verdict

It was an interesting one reviewing MyRacingTips, they posted an impressive set of results over this period and managed to end the month in profit. They can thank a couple of big bets landing for this. I must say, although this month was a profitable one, I feel as though over a much longer period we will likely see them running at a slight loss. It’s so hard to carry on running at over 10% ROI when you are relying on multiples to land to keep it up. One bad run could spell the end of all profit and will be very hard to claw back. To me, I do think whoever it is behind the account posting the tips, they do know their stuff and probably do have a good understanding of horse racing. I would even imagine that if they were to follow a solid strategy, you might even be looking at consistent winners. However as they are looking to please a large number of people, and probably because they want to get the affiliate links out as much as possible, I for one don’t think they are the consistent winners that we are after.


Long Term Profitability – Win accumulators, mega odds accas, the lot, all lead me to believe it is unlikely we are looking at a profitable punter in the long run. They did make a profit over this period however, so the ability clearly is there. For me, this warrants a score of 5.

Professionalism – They do provide good customer service and are always on hand to answer any questions. Despite a lot of negativity, they seem to handle it well enough. It’s an 8.

ROI – An ROI of over 10% is very good for a horse racing tipster, which they have managed to achieve here. There is certainly room for improvement however, as the main reason why they managed this is through a couple of longshots coming in. It could have very easily been a totally different score. It’s a 7 for this review.

Transparency – Something that needs massive improvement on their part. There isn’t a profit/loss spreadsheet in sight which seems mad for such a big account like this. I feel as though this is something they could very easily add, but the real question is do they want to? For this, it’s a 3.

Overall Score = 5

We’d love to hear your opinions on MyRacingTips, I know some people have some strong feelings, so let us know what you have experienced with them in your time. Comments below are always welcomed.

All the best,