NextBetTips are a paid tipping service who post all of their tips on their website They focus on football betting and their odds vary from bet to bet utilising both the pre-match and in-play markets. Here is how they got on this week.


  • Since I started reviewing, NextBetTips made a profit of £183
  • ROI 85%

A very impressive set of results posted from those at NextBet which is great to see. These results are only for the main pre-match tips, unfortunately I was unable to track the in-play because of work, so I couldn’t say for sure how these went over the week.
The website is a really good one here and one that I really would recommend taking a look at. It has a nice number of features to it and is set out very professionally. The tips themselves each come with a detailed write up, with the odds and stake posted. I have stuck with the recommended stakes on the site for these results. Most of the tips posted are doubles/trebles and are placed over a variety of leagues. They are split into specific sections which are:

– Bank Builder

– Value Bets

– Lower Odds

I think it is a nice setup and gives you plenty to get involved in should you join. Each of the sections comes with anywhere between 2-4 picks and can either be placed as a multiple or as singles, depending on what you prefer. If you were to follow the stakes on the website as I have for the week, these would be placed as multiples.

To join Next Bet would cost you £4.99 a month, which is a very good price in my opinion if we were to compare with other similar tipsters. They clearly work hard on the tips and there is no doubt in my mind that there is genuine work going on to produce these results. It is worth mentioning that they are affiliates with a few of the bookmakers. The links they have sit at the side of the website and thankfully they are not pushing these on you to try and induce clicks. They are also open and honest about the affiliations which does make a nice change. From what I have seen this week, the quality of tips remain high and are not affected by the affiliation. If there was one change I would like to see on the site, it would be to post where you can get the odds that they are suggesting. Simply because this would help followers get the bets on at the best possible price.

It’s probably worth giving you a rough bankroll that you would ideally want to be going in with if you were to join. If you were to stick exactly with the stakes that are suggested on their website, you will roughly be spending £60 a day. This would be placed over roughly 4 tips. I personally never like to bet over 5% of my bankroll on each selection, so with this in mind you want to be going in with a minimum bankroll of £300. This can of course be moulded to your personal bankroll and you can stake whatever suits you best.

Final Verdict

I certainly think we are looking at good tipsters here. The tips each come with a nice write up, which always would give me more confidence in the tipster. I also think that the price is generous and fair to join their service, especially considering I have seen some very poor in-play tipsters who charge double this per month! A lot of the time the results speak for themself and I feel like this is the case here. I know that there are some new features that they are looking to introduce onto their website soon which should enhance it even more, so we certainly look forward to these. I would say give them a follow on Twitter and see what you think, I rate them highly and they get a well deserved 7 from me!

CasualGambler Rating – 7