I thought it would be good to do a quick review of an individual tipster, and this time I have picked Nigel Seeley. Nigel is a tipster who writes betting articles for many different companies, for this week I have followed all of his bets from the sun favourite, where he regularly provides tips for the big games. Here’s how he got on.


  • Since I started reviewing, Nigel Seeley with Sun Favourite made a £42 profit
  • ROI = 25%

So this week was a good one for Nigel, and there are still a couple of bets that are remaining, so we’re yet to see whether these land or not. The tips provided are free to view and can be found on favourite.thesun.co.uk. I decided to pick Nigel Seeley as the tipster as I have followed him for a few years and have really enjoyed what he does. I would really recommend taking a look and taking advantage of the free tips.

Alongside the top quality tips, Mr Seeley will also give a very detailed write up with a preview of the game and reasoning behind his selections, which gives the confidence that time has gone into them. The tips themselves are very structured, consisting of a STAR bet, a NEXT BEST and an OUTSIDER. I have staked these as:

STAR – £10



The star bets have proven to be very profitable, and in general are at odds near to evens. I think he is well worth following. He also works with Betting Emporium who have received a good review from me previously. His tennis tips seem to be especially good and I know he is doing a package for the US Open if you’re interested.

Final Verdict 

A really good tipster who shows plenty of experience and profitable long term bets. I would like to see tipsters especially take a look at how he works, and maybe try and learn a few things from him. For the bettor, well worth giving him a follow on Twitter and looking out for the free tips he gives. You don’t even necessarily have to follow the tips, sometimes it is good just to have a read over the previews and then moulding your bets around the information given. The tipster himself gets a solid rating of 9 from me, I’m a big fan and hopefully you will like him too if you decide to give him a follow!

CasualGambler Rating – 9