OG Tipster is a reasonably new account following the trend of tipsters mainly focusing on in-plays and roller challenge’s, such as the £20-£100 challenge. From what I have seen so far, the main focus has been on football and tennis, however he does also cover NBA as suggested in the bio.


  • Since I have started reviewing OG Tipster from 01/07, he is running at a £25.80 loss

This is no disaster really, a lot of tips have been published and with the sort of tips being provided, I would expect the profit loss margin to remain near to break even. He has also mentioned that the last few days have been particularly poor, so I would say there is a possibility we will see this go back up again.

If you decide to follow these tips you will be backing selections averaging between 1.60 and 1.70, so naturally you will find there is quite a high strike rate. This can be a good thing, however I would advise to keep track of the results, because a high strike rate does not always mean profit.

I think there is some room for improvement for this page, and hopefully we will be able to see it develop over the coming months. I would like to offer some feedback and pointers below:

  • I would recommend trying to produce more tips before they start. This allows more time to be taken when choosing selections, and it makes it much much easier to find value.
  • I would like to see bets with odds higher than we have now. It is very difficult to remain profitable over a long term when backing at short prices, as there is very rarely any value.
  • I can see that the majority of in play selections are based on the game stats. These can often give the wrong impression on how the game is actually playing, so try and use stats from previous games/substitutes etc. The bookies want the in play stats to be used.
  • Keep up the good interaction and remain as transparent as possible, it really shows!

We have unfortunately seen 1 tweet deleted, when bet 1 of a £20-£100 bankroll challenge lost, so hopefully this does not happen again. Apart from this one incident everything seems to be completely fine, and I don’t think for one minute he is trying to scam/fool anyone.

Final Verdict

I would definitely give OG Tipster a follow. His selections are decent and I don’t doubt for a second that the knowledge is there, however he definitely would improve by specialising in a specific league when betting on the football. This will make it much easier to extract value from particular selections, and I think it would have a positive impact. I often see bets on leagues that I’ve never even heard of, and it’s hard to think that the selections are being based on anything else but the in play statistics. I’ll be keeping an eye on OGSportsTips, and I’m sure it’ll be included again in a future write up. For now, we are giving him a rating of 6.