As we hit February, we’ve decided it’s time to crank up the reviews and find tipsters for you who we feel will help your betting bankroll throughout 2018!

Today we’re taking on a paid Horse Racing tipster who we have had our eye on for a while now, and we feel as though it’s the right time to review.

This tipster posts all of their tips exclusively to the independent tipping platform, under the name of Omaha Racing. You can check out their Tipstrr profile, here. You can also check out his Twitter profile @omaharacingclub.

Without hesitation, let’s get stuck into some statistics.

Statistics Using Recommended Stakes

Omaha Racing varies their stakes from anywhere between 1-5 units. The majority of tips will be using a 5 unit stake

  • 425 Tips
  • 841.70 Profit 
  • 26.6% ROI
  • 13.17 Average odds

A fantastic set of results showing some excellent consistency.

The great news is, we can take an even deeper look into some further statistics and read into exactly what they mean.

Omaha Racing certainly favours the each way market, and is proving to be an extremely profitable one, too. They are boasting an impressive 21.5% ROI on this market over a considerable number of tips. At a glance, the straight win market may appear to be even stronger, as they are showing a 111.4% ROI, at the time of writing. However, this is only over 26 tips, so we won’t look into this too much yet. The other 2 markets that have been used are the place market, and also 14 multiples. These only have a very, very small sample though so we can’t judge too much on either of these.


Naturally, with any tipster you will be experiencing some kind of variance. Despite Omaha Racing being very consistent, make sure you allow your bankroll to withstand swings either way.

The worst month for Omaha Racing came in January last year, where they made a 74.23 loss. This was followed up nicely, however, with a 222.02 unit profit in February. Over the past year, they have only had 3 losing months, coming in Jan 2017, October 2017, and Jan 2018. Aside from this, every month has been profitable, with 5/13 showing a total profit of more than 100 units.

How Easy is it to get on each tip?

Omaha Racing use a variety of bookmakers, tipping across 11 different websites, with BetVictor being the most popular, so make sure you have plenty of accounts available for use. If you don’t have one of the accounts from a suggested bet, get yourself onto Oddschecker and see if you can get on at the same, or a very similar price.

You’ll have plenty of time to get on each bet, and timing shouldn’t be much of an issue. The majority of tips are placed 12-24 hours before the start of each race, and since they have started, they have not posted a tip less than an hour before the race begins.

What is the MINIMUM Bankroll I should have

Making sure your bankroll is well enough equipped is crucial when it comes to following a tipster, especially paid ones. Omaha Racing offer 3 different payment options.

  • 1 Week – £15
  • 1 Month – £29
  • 3 Months – £69

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that you are paying for the tips 1 month at a time. We’re going to take £29 away from the overall bankroll, and that add the results in from there.

To start, a bankroll of £100 just won’t be enough. A £29 hit will have quite a significant impact, and if you are following a correct bankroll management strategy, you’ll be staking between £0.50-£2 on each bet. It won’t be easy to earn the membership + more back with this.

As a very minimum, I would say you want to be backing each bet at £2 a point, meaning your max stake would be £10. It is personal, but for me, if my max bet is £10, I would want a bankroll of at least £500, to withstand any potential losing runs that you might experience. Remember, this is very subjective and by no means do you have to follow this advice, but this is what I would recommend if asked.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt about it, Omaha Racing provide fantastic tips and have proven themselves to be profitable over a decent period. Although there is still plenty of room for the variance to kick in, I see no reason why we’re not looking at a tipster who will be building your bankroll over a sustained period. 26.6% ROI is extremely impressive, and the overall graph of results shows a nice steady increase, which is exactly what you want to see as a punter who is in this for the long run. If the current results can be sustained, I think that the fee being charged is fair as the tipster does have a clear edge. Just make sure you have as many bookmaker accounts as possible, and if you don’t have an account with one that is suggested, shop around to see if you can get the same price. It will make a huge difference to your overall profits.

Value For Money – I would say this service is catered for people with a reasonably sized bankroll. I have absolutely no problem with the amount that is being charged if they can keep up an ROI like the one on show at present. To get to this stage, it hasn’t been plain sailing, and naturally, with any form of gambling, anyone could join for a losing month. All in all, no qualms and this gets a score of 8.

ROI – 26.6% is an excellent ROI for the number of tips, it would be hard to deny that, we are also looking at this over a 12 month period, so for any loyal followers, I’m sure they have seen an exceptional increase in their betting bank. I’ll be re-visiting again to see if the ROI is maintained, and we may see an even higher score if it is. For now, this gets a 9.

Transparency – There’s clearly no hiding here going through an independent tipping website. It’s an easy 10.

Professionalism – There are no real negatives to have here. Omaha Racing regularly add new posts for their members through Tipstrr, and each of their bets automatically generates a link to Twitter. I wouldn’t mind maybe seeing a tad more Twitter interaction, but that’s just me being picky really. 9.

Long-Term Profitability – The numbers don’t lie here, I feel as though we are looking at a tipster who is here to stay for the long run. Although we’ll want more tips before we can say for definite, I’m confident that this tipster does have the elusive edge. Certainly, a tipster who will be revisited in a couple of months time. For now, it’s a 9.

Overall score = 9

If this tipster looks like the one for you, click here to view their full Tipstrr profile

We hope you enjoyed this review. Let us know if you have had any experiences with Omaha Racing!

All the best,

Casual Gambler