It really has been a while since we last wrote a review, but it feels good to be back and we’re looking forward to making these reviews a much more regular fixture now. There are plenty more tipsters in the pipeline for a review, some have been completed, others not far off. So keep your eyes peeled.

As always, we welcome suggestions when it comes to what tipsters we should review. With this in mind, if you have any you would like us to cover, let us know HERE

Now, onto the subject of the night, today’s review.

For this review, we will be focusing on @PantherTips. Panther tips is a football tipster who has both a free page, which is mainly used to promote the VIP service and communicate with followers. He then has a private members only page. This is where all of the tips, previews and updates are posted. Alongside this, he will also send emails to followers with each of the tips. Now let’s have a look at some results.


November Results:

Tips: 32 

Profit: 33.97 Units 

ROI: 36.92% 

Average Odds: 2.31

This is the period that the review covered, however we do have further statistics for previous months that I will summarise briefly at the end of the review.

So these results, an excellent set of results to conclude what was a fantastic month. a 36.92% ROI is one not to be ignored. I wouldn’t expect for this to be sustained over a long period, regardless it is still brilliant. What is it you can expect if you are to join Panther Tips then?

What to Expect

PantherTips’ main focus is on multiples. With the most prominent type being doubles, usually accumulating to odds at around evens. There are also trebles, singles and the occasional accumulator as well. As mentioned at the start, there are two ways you can see the tips. Either through the VIP page or over email. If you join the mailing list, some of the tips will come with a detailed write up alongside them, which is never bad to see. However please be aware that this is not the case with all tips.

With each tip, you will also be provided with a recommended stake, ranging from 1-10 points. It’s good to see him advising to follow good bankroll management. With the points suggestion there is also advice on what % of your bankroll to use. The max bet is 10 units, which he recommends to be 5% of your bankroll.

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

The Pricing structure is as follows.

3 Months – £20 

Lifetime Access – £50 

Seems a pretty fair pricing structure to me, especially with the results that have been produced during our review. As always, we like to give a rough idea of what bankroll you’ll want to have to justify paying for the membership and then backing all of the tips, should you want to.

I think we can make this quite simple, by going with a round £100 figure. If you were to have this bankroll, your max bet would be £5, and you would be able to cover the cost of 3 months worth of access. Although for this month it would cover it, I think you would want this to be your minimum. I would rarely advise to join any premium tipster with a bankroll of under £100.

What Do We Think?

PantherTips is looking like a knowledgable tipster to us. The Customer Service is fantastic, and the results aren’t bad either! I personally like that he sends emails to his customers with write ups on his tips. I can understand that it isn’t always easy to do it for all of them, but it would be brilliant to see if he could manage this for each email sent.

Although the results are fantastic, the one thing I would like to see slightly more of are some single bets. I don’t have anything against doubles and the occasional accumulator, but when it comes to betting it’s always good to tone down the multiples if you’re able to. This certainly is not a criticism, as the results clearly show that Panther has a very good idea of what he is doing, however it would be good to see him maybe trailing this independently away from the tipping page, as it might make the service even more profitable.

I would feel very confident recommending Panther to our followers. We have 2 more months worth of results which can give you a good idea of what to expect if you were to join him.


  • 2.09 Units Profit
  • 1.46% ROI


  • -15.75 Units Loss
  • -8.55% ROI

November was definitely the standout month, however all three of these do still turn out a nice profit of 20.31 units. Let’s get to some scores!

ROI – The 36.92% ROI is brilliant, there is no doubt about it. However as this was not the case across September and October, we won’t score solely on this. It still gets a very respectable 8 from us.

Value For Money – For what you get, the price of membership really is not much. Providing you have the bankroll I think this is good value for money. Which scores this at a nice 9 from us.

Professionalism – Good response rates to customers, a nice emailing system summarising previous days with write ups. It ticks a lot of boxes. If there were write ups with every tip, it would be a full score here. However as there is a tiny bit of inconsistency it gets another 9.

Long Term Profitability – With 2 out of 3 profitable months and an overall healthy profit, long term profits look likely. The accumulators might boost this short term, but over a sustained period they might be detrimental. This gets a great score of 8.

Transparency – Panther keeps track of all of his results and also publishes them on the occasion to followers over email. No problems here and an easy 10.


A well deserved score for a brilliant tipster!

We would love to hear your feedback, have you had any dealings with Panther Tips before? Why not let us know!

All the best,