Today we are reviewing a Tipster who specialises in horse racing. He goes by the twitter handle @Pickntips – First things first; he’s a free, unaffiliated genuine guy who’s just sharing his fancies for the day’s horse racing. His profit and loss is available for all to see as he tracks each bet on – He posts his picks for the day’s racing on his website and has 3 main picks (NAP, Next Best and In With A Chance) aswell as his fancies for the rest of his selected races. He doesn’t bet on every single race which is a thing you will see an awful lot of the big Tipster accounts doing, this is a shortcut to going broke! The prices for these bets vary but I have not once seen him pick and odds on shot in my time following him. He is not such a small Tipster with over 2,500 followers on Twitter but I can see him growing over time. With that being said, let’s get right into the results he’s posted

Stats kindly provided by BetRef, would definitely recommend checking them out! Taking into account that each bet is placed a £10 (£5 E/W) level stake the results are as follows.

2016 Results

Profit/Loss: +824.25

ROI: 5.54%

Number of Tips: 1487

January – Tips 382 – P/L -135.45

February – Tips 197 – P/L -424.15

March – Tips 236 – P/L -176.25

April – Tips 357 – +827.35

May (So far) – Tips 315 – P/L +732.75

So clearly, a bit of a slow start to the year. Although it may seem like a write off with 3 losing months in a row, Picksntips pulls it back with two extremely decent months this year. Here’s what to expect if you follow this Tipster.

What to Expect:

Twitter is saturated with Tipsters which, when it comes to horses especially, seem to tip heavily backed favourites at short prices. This is most certainly not the case with Picksntips. His winning tips average at around 12/1 – 16/1. So I wouldn’t expect you to follow this tipster thinking you’re going to hit multiple winners each and every day, but in reality; one winner can cover your entire day of bets when you follow someone like this. Like I said already, his bets are posted early each morning and verified using BetRef so you know that there’s not going to be any deleted tweets or trying to hide bad days.

Over the last 10 days of following him I actually managed to win a couple of big priced bets thanks to his tips, below are an example of the ones I got on, they’ll give you an idea of the prices he tips at.

Final Verdict

In profit since the start of the year and showing no signs of that changing. Bad months happen, they’re part and parcel of being a Tipster. Honestly I see no reason why you shouldn’t follow this Tipster. Free, unaffiliated and seems to really know his stuff. Stick to level stakes when backing his tips, don’t let the big prices put you off at all because they will come good. Delighted to have reviewed another horse racing Tipster and a talented one at that. He gets a very respectable rating of 8.5 from us and we would recommend checking him out @Picksntips

3 months ROI: