Raceclear are arguably one of the biggest horse tipping companies around, and have managed to build quite a reputation due to their good results and professionalism. They have a Twitter page but their tips are not posted there, only on their website raceclear.co.uk. The tips are free for everyone to view and can be found under the DAILY TIPS section. Alongside this they have a telephone number and email address should you need to get in touch with them. Here’s what their weekly stats have ended as:


  • Since I started my reviews, Raceclear have made a 9.62 point profit

Another good week for one of our horse racing tipsters! Their profits are likely to be smaller then most who have had a good week, mainly because they post between 2-3 selections each day, and will often include a double as part of it. They certainly focus on full transparency and you can track every single one of their bets by going through the results section on the website. So far in 2015 they are making a 38.16 point profit.

Their tips are always free to view, however they do also run a text service which will cost £20 per month. Joining this will allow you to receive their tips an hour before they are posted online. This can be a profitable move to make as you can get on the early prices before they inevitably drop when the large number of Raceclear followers get on the selections. It is clear that they take pride in coming across as a professional company, and they do this well. I am sure you have seen their name posted around the big horse meetings, with the slogan, ‘making the bookies tremble’. If they can keep up these good statistics, I’m sure the bookies aren’t best pleased with them.

However, unfortunately it isn’t all good news when it comes to Raceclear. They do affiliate with nearly every bookmaker out there, which is a part of their Free Tips page. They also really try and promote new sign ups to the bookies in question, offering a free month of texts if you sign up to one of them through their links. I would imagine they make quite a bit of money through their affiliates with the bookmakers. I know a couple of them on their page that are commission based (Bet365 in particular), but realistically they are probably hoping you can with with their tips, and lose the money on something else!

Final Verdict:

There is no doubt in my mind at all that Raceclear are good tipsters. They run a very professional service and it is extremely easy to get in touch with them should you need to ask them anything. You also have access to all of their previous tips on their website which is very refreshing. Whether you should sign up for the £20 text service or not, well I think that depends on how seriously you are taking your betting. Realistically you will want to have a reasonably large betting bankroll to justify this, and you of course will want to be able to easily get on the early prices as soon as the texts come through. The texts will also show you what bookmakers are offering the prices, which can be really helpful. If you are more of a recreational gambler, I think you are better off just sticking to the tips when they are posted on the website an hour later. They tweet when they have been put up, so it’s easy to get on them nice and quick. A very solid service and they’re receiving a score of 7 from us!