The Racecourse King has a page on Twitter with a large following (who are relatively inactive) and he also has a website with a plethora of information available. If you want to check out the website go to Here you can take out membership, see the profit/loss stats and also have a read of the forum. I only had 3 days of tips, as unfortunately the bets for Friday weren’t sent to me and still haven’t been yet from him, but here is how he got on:


  • Since I started reviewing, RacecourseKing has made a £75 profit

The bets themselves from the racecourse king are very structured. He will give you a NAP, 4 singles and 2 each way singles. This will remain the same across the board. As suggested by the tipster himself, I used a stake plan of.

NAP – £20

4 Singles – £5

2 EW Singles – £5 EW

It’s pretty impressive to see yet another profitable tipster this week. We have really picked out a good bunch! As I mentioned in the introduction, the stats won’t be 100% accurate, as they are missing out a day of bets which weren’t/still haven’t been sent to me. I know that he does not tip on Saturday, so I’m not concerned about that of course. The membership prices are stated below:

April-September – £50


Lifetime – £150

As you can see getting access is reasonably pricey, so it’s worth making sure you have a sufficient bankroll to allow you to purchase these tips. If the profits can stay this high however, then all will be well! Really, with 7 bets provided a day, you would want to bet no more than 3% of your bankroll for each selection, and it will be worth staggering them similar to what we decided above. The picks don’t come with any write ups, but they have the best odds available and where you can find them, which will allow you to get the best value for each selection.

Final Verdict

A lot of this does definitely depend on your personal bankroll and how much you are willing to put aside for betting. If you’re happy to it may even be worth giving the 1 week trial a go, to see if is for you. Or there are a few opportunities on his Twitter page to receive a couple of his selections for free, so if you can get on one of these winners, you might be able to get the weeks trial using the profit! As mentioned he does have a large following of over 33,000 people. I don’t think this is quite how it looks on the face of things, as the followers seem to be quite inactive, but I’m not sure why this is the case. I would say tipping wise, he is a good tipster and evidently knows his stuff when it comes to the racing. A £75 profit using the stakes we used is a good effort, and with the NAP coming in on the first day, the only way was up! He gets a rating of 6 from us.