SimonsTips is a Twitter based tipster who bets on horse racing, and football on his website. There is a very basic setup for the tips, which consists of the tip itself, the price and also an affiliate link below. This week I have focused entirely on the horse tips that are posted on Twitter,  here’s how the week went for Simon


  • Since I started the review, SimonsTips have made a £30 profit
  • ROI = 15.80%

Not a bad week at all, and the ROI is what you would expect from a decent horse tipster. The tips are free to view and as mentioned previously can all easily be found on his Twitter page. There is something that is quite unusual to see with a horse racing tipster, and that is he does not just back favourites. The odds generally will be given at prices between 6/1 – 12/1. Now don’t get me wrong, just because he isn’t backing favourites, it does not mean at all that he is automatically a good tipster.

The problem really we have here, is that there is no reasoning behind the tips, so it’s hard to tell what is being assessed with each race. If the 15.8% ROI can remain this consistent then I guess a write up isn’t needed, but it would certainly help us give a more detailed review. The claim on the page is a profit of £8,600 to £10 level stakes. As usual I used £10 stakes for my profit/loss this week. It’s also worth noting that Simonstips is an affiliate with a lot of the bookmakers. As mentioned briefly with every tip there is a link to his website which is another free bets page, but I’m sure most people are aware now just to stay away from these links!

Whether you back these tips or not is definitely a personal preference. With the selections you simply cannot expect a high strike rate. Although this sounds off putting, it is the just how it is when backing at high odds. Again the main focus is on the long run, and as long as your winnings are higher than the losses, you’re doing just fine. If you are someone who prefers a higher strike rate, then in reality I would suggest staying away from horse racing in general.

Final Verdict

Not the longest review for Simonstips when just going off the Twitter tips. In the future I will probably have a look at the football as well, but the main focus of the page is definitely on the horse racing. I would recommend taking a look, and again I think the tips can definitely be used to help you with your own selections. It might be the tipping point to have you choose one horse over another. Whether you back all of them or not again is up to you, It’s probably worth going in with reasonably small stakes and seeing if you can build your bankroll with the big prices. If you decide to back the selections, I would recommend to use 1-2% of your bankroll on each selection, don’t let yourself back with any more than this.

CasualGambler Rating – 7