Today we’re bringing to you a Casual Gambler first. An Ice Hockey Tipster!

This tipster has been on our radar for a while now and multiple people have requested the review, so we got in touch, and here it is!

We have been following the tips and tracking the results for 2 months, over January and February. Before we get stuck into these, it’s important we give you an overview of the service so you know what we’re dealing with and to allow you to make an informed decision as to whether it’s for you or not.

About SportsTipsterUS

SportsTipsterUS runs two pages on twitter, one free (@SportsTipsterUS) and a private page for his members. The free page has been around since December 2015, with the private group being introduced in October 2016.

Now then, what you’re all after, the results!


We tracked the results over January and February, so we’ll give you a breakdown of each month. The profits have been calculated using £20 stakes, which are recommended on SportsTipsterUS’ page.


  • ROI – 14.56%
  • Profit – £78.60


  • ROI – 61.00%
  • Profit – £219.59

A fantastic set of results. Please note that he tracks all of his results through The overall profit is as follows:


  • 154 Bets
  • 13.5% ROI
  • £416 Profit
  • 4/5 Profitable Months

There’s no doubt about it, this is the sign of a good tipster. A 13.5% ROI over 154 bets is something to shout about, and if this can be kept up long term, which I am confident it will, then this is a tipster who you’ll want to be following. Another positive is that SportsTipsterUS is completely transparent. All of his bets are tracked and verified and there is absolutely no hiding.

Like what you’re seeing so far? Now let’s have a look at how much it will cost you if you fancy joining.


There are 2 membership options available, which are as follows:

12 Month Subscription – £50

24 Month Subscription – £80

For what you get and considering the results that he has achieved, the cost of joining really is good value. As you know we like to give you a good idea of what sort of bankroll you want to have if you were to follow him. In my opinion, I would be happy recommending someone to join if they had a £100 bankroll AFTER they had paid for the membership. This would allow you to follow a good bankroll management strategy and make a profit on top of the initial membership fee. This is providing the results remain at this high standard, of course.

What To Expect

Still interested in joining at this stage? Great! Here’s what you can expect if you were to join up to SportsTipsterUS’ tipping service.

All tips are posted pre-match and are also posted at least 4 hours before the event starts. You can expect roughly 25-35 tips per month and you will not come across any in-plays. Tips are posted to be backed using flat stakes and that is how they have all been recorded and tracked. All bets are only on Ice Hockey as this is clearly his speciality.

Final Verdict

I can safely say that I would recommend this tipster to pretty much anyone. The member’s page is run in a professional manner and he is always on hand for queries should you have them. The results speak for them self and as I’m sure the majority of you are aware, we like to see tipsters who aren’t afraid to get their results verified so there is nowhere to hide. It also appears as though this tipster focuses strongly on quality over quantity, always a positive.

Despite not a huge number of tips being posted whilst we were tracking, I feel we got a good enough sample size to get a strong opinion on SportsTipsterUS.

What Do Current Members Say?

During our time tracking, the Tipster asked his members:

“Could I kindly ask you all to sum me and my service up in one sentence. Simply reply to this tweet with your thoughts! GREATLY APPRECIATE”

Have a look at some of the responses below:

“Great service, well-researched bets, lots of profit”

“Quality tipping and a decent ROI from a knowledgeable tipster”

“One of a kind”

“Transparent honest tipster who knows his stuff. Enough said”

And there were many, many more positive responses to this.


ROI – Long term a 13.5% ROI is fantastic, I have no doubt that this can and will be maintained. This ROI is a target that a majority of tipsters would be aiming for. Very impressive, and gets a score of 9.

Value For Money – Coming in at just over £4 per month if you were to join for the year, it really is good value for your money. I can honestly say he could justify charging more, but for me, it’s great to see a tipster willing to give fair prices. No complaints from me here and it’s another strong 9.

Professionalism –  This is taken very seriously, I have even seen on the members’ page that someone asked for a fun in-play which was declined as he is very strict about what tips are posted and clearly cares that his followers are backing bets that are good value. Again, I can’t say anything bad here, and it’s another 10.

Long Term Profitability – 4/5 profitable months is fantastic and I am confident that we will see profits long term. As we only have 5 months to go by, I can’t quite justify the full marks, but it’s still a very respectable 9.

Transparency – All bets are tracked and verified through an external website. It can’t get much fairer than this! It’s a 10.

Overall Score – 9.4


How to Join:

If you like what you’re seeing and want to join this service, you can do so using the below link. – Use code CG5 to get 5% off your subscription

You can get yourself a 5% discount on any subscription by using the code CG5. Simply enter this at the checkout, and you’ll receive your 5% off!

I hope you enjoyed reading the review, feel free to leave your comments below.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

All the best,