StatParadise has both a free Twitter account and a VIP page, VIPstatparadise. There are occasionally bets posted on the free page, but the majority are posted on the premium. The VIP page has only recently been introduced and so far has accumulated a total of 89 followers. I was kindly allowed to see these bets for a week, and here is how he got on:


  • Since I started reviewing, VIPstatparadise made a loss of £98.40
  • ROI = -25%

Not the best of weeks for statparadise, there were 35 bets placed in total over the week, so that can give you a rough idea of a bankroll size if you do decide to follow. The bets placed are mostly in-plays, sticking with the theme of bets such as next team to score, over 0.5 goals etc. The odds will always be short, so to make a decent profit the strike rate needs to be very high. He also posts roller bets to get involved in, which over this week consisted of extremely short priced singles put into a double or a treble. These proved to be the least profitable venture over the week with three of the rollers placed and three lost. This really did not help the statistics, as each roller was placed with a £25 stake. For the rest of the bets I have used a £10 flat stake. Regarding the rollers, there is one that is still going at the moment, I believe a couple of bets have one and it is up to around £75 now, so I will keep an eye on that to see if it can be completed!

To join VIPstatparadise will cost you £9.99 a month, or £99.99 for a years worth of access. I would say this is slightly pricey for in-play bets, as it is very difficult to find value when betting in-play, and high profits are very rare. I do know however with the huge number of in-play tipsters around, that people do like to use them.

I have also had a look at his website, This website does not give out any tips, it is more a page to promote the VIP, and also where you can sign up and pay to join. The website is relatively new and there is still a lot of work to be done on it. He also claims on the website to have a strike rate over 80% with over 600 winning bets on the VIP page since starting it 3 months ago. He also claims to have made thousands of pounds worth of profit. Although I would like to think this is the case, I must say I do struggle to believe this.

Let’s have a look firstly at the claim of 600 winning bets on the VIP page. We’ll take this week as the example. He placed from Monday to Saturday a total of 35 tips. So on average we are looking at 6 tips per day. Which as totals will give us:

42 Tips a week

168 Tips a month

504 Tips over 3 months.

So as you can see, if we are going with the averages, he hasn’t even placed 600 bets on the VIP page, let alone 600 winning bets. Also over the 6 days, only 18 out of the 35 bets were won, so there would have to be a time a few weeks a go on the VIP page where a load of tips were being placed a day, the majority of these would need to be winners. This might have happened, it might not. But with all of the above in mind I do struggle to see how there were 600 winning bets. He also claims to have made thousands of pounds worth of profit. The problem is with this statement, is that although it MIGHT be true, there is nothing to back this up. No actual statistics, no exact profits and no suggestion as to what stakes were used to make this profit. To make thousands of pounds betting in-play over a 3 month period is also extremely difficult. It would require a lot of luck and high stakes!

Final Verdict

A few good points to be taken from this tipster. He has good interaction with his followers, and the tips are regular and consistent. Also as I have said before in-play betting has become very popular. Although it’s something I myself would not get involved in, a lot of people will so this is a big plus. I would like to see some updates on the website. For example an actual profit/loss graph, it’s simple but I think needed. As the claims come across as very exaggerated. If you like the look of him, I would say your best bet is to follow the free page and see what you think. As the week was a poor one I couldn’t advise you to jump straight in and pay for the premium, but you might be able to get involved in a few free bets and see what you think!

CasualGambler Rating – 4