With our most recent review being a horse racing tipster, it’s time for us to change up sports. This time, we’re going to Tennis.

I’ve been hunting for a tipster who shows great consistency and who will build your bankroll over a sustained period (Haven’t we all). This particular one ticks those boxes, however, it will come at a price to join! Take a look at our full review, below.

About Stulle

Stulle is a premium tipster who posts his tips exclusively through the independent platform Tipstrr.com. Having searched social media, I can’t see if he has any other accounts that can be followed.

Take a look at his Tipstrr profile, here

Statistics using recommended stakes

Stulle stakes anywhere between 3-10 units through Tipstrr, with the slight majority being at 10 units

  • 741 Tips
  • 763.20 Profit
  • 12.6% ROI
  • 2.92 Average Odds

This gives me confidence that we’re looking at a tipster who will provide you with good profits in the long run if you can get on at the advised prices.

Let’s take a look further.

The tips suggested have come from a variety of different bookmakers. To be specific, 21 of them! Granted, the majority of bookmakers have very few assigned tips to them. I think it would be unrealistic to have been able to back each of these bets with the recommended bookmaker, which may have meant the profits would take a hit. Most bets are tipped with Pinnacle, so it’s important that you have availability to back with them. The next two significant bookmakers that are used are PaddyPower and Bet365.

Monthly Variance

I always like to see the highs and lows of a tipster for each month, so you can get a (very rough) idea of how much your bankroll might move by.

Stulle’s best month came last month (Jan 2018), where he made a very impressive profit of 371.50 units. The biggest losing month came in November 2017 where he lost a total of 86.40 units. Month by month, Stulle is very consistent and has only had 4 losing months out of a possible 17, meaning 13 out of 17 have been winning ones.

Can I fit this tipster into my bankroll?

Before joining a paid tipster, it’s crucial that you analyse whether their costs will have too much of an impact on your overall profit.

The prices to join Stulle’s service are as follows

  • 1 Week – £20
  • 1 Month – £39
  • 3 Months – £89
  • 6 Months – £169
  • 1 Year – £319

Again, I’m going to stick with comparing this to paying for the tips as a monthly payment, meaning your bankroll is going to take a £39 hit from the off. Sculle averages just over 44 units per month, so if you’re betting at £1 a point, you’ll be near enough breaking even. To bet at £1 a point, your max stake will be £10, so you’ll likely have a bankroll of around the £400 mark. For me, if I were to be backing confidently I would want to be going in at £3+ per point. A bankroll of £600 would be fine if you’re happy to stake 5% of your bankroll as a maximum tip. I personally, would not want a bankroll any smaller than that.

Final thoughts

A fantastic, consistent tipster who will do good for your balance if the cost fits into your personal bankroll. A 12.3% ROI over this period of time is brilliant, and I’m sure plenty of his members are very happy with the service they are receiving. Although there will be losing months, the winning ones far outweigh them. As always, it’s important to have as many bookmaker accounts as you can, because you can expect to be betting across a variety of them. It’s worth noting that the majority of tips are placed with Pinnacle and PaddyPower.

Value for money – The results are impressive, there’s absolutely no doubt about it. I don’t think there’s much wrong with the amount being charged, however, in today’s market, a lot of people will see this on the high side – 8

ROI – 12.6% over 743 tips is what we like to see, and it’s around the mark we would expect for a good, profitable tennis tipster. No one would complain about this in the long run. I’ll be looking to revisit the tipster once he hits 1000 tips, as I’ll be very interested to see if this can be maintained. – 8

Transparency – Independently tracked tips, doesn’t get better than that – 10

Professionalism – I always like to see a tipster who has a good way to interact with their followers, and it would be nice to see a Twitter/Facebook account here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a problem, but I’m certain it would be a nice touch for the followers – 7

Long-term profitability – We can see a steady increase in profits over a sustained period of time here, and I see no reason why that won’t carry on. Everything is pointing towards someone who will build your bank balance in the long run. We haven’t got quite enough tips yet to give top marks, however, they get a strong 9 from us.

Overall = 8.4

Feel free to check out his full profile, here!

We’ve got plenty more reviews nearly ready to be published, including a wealth of new content for the site. Don’t go anywhere!

All the best

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