I was glad to have been contacted by these guys for a review, as I’m sure you know we are yet to have tennis tipsters on the website, so this is a great opportunity to reach out to those who enjoy a bet on the tennis. I know I do! TennisTipsUK’s Twitter page is mainly used to promote their bets, and all of the main information you could want to know about them can be found on their website tennis-tips.co.uk. I have received all of their bets for the week, and here’s how they got on:


  • Since I started the review, TennisTipsUK have made a 42.75 point profit
  • ROI = 83.9%

A great week for them, and one that I was quite impressed with. This is especially impressive because their max stake is only 5 units, so these figures over 1 week really isn’t a bad effort. The tips themselves are sent out via email to you, and there will occasionally be a second email coming through if they find another bet. Something that I was reasonably surprised with is how much the odds varied with their picks. I have often found with tennis tipsters that they are backing people to win at very very short odds, which in the long run is normally a losing play, however here they are finding good bets at prices of around 3/1. There was a nice max stake 3/1 winner as well.

So let’s talk about membership with TennisTipsUK. They have two options on their website for joining them. The first is a free standard membership, which will give you free tips again sent out via email. The next option is the paid one which costs £39.99 a month. This will include additional tips sent out via email, and the website suggests choosing this option throughout 2015 would see you at a profit of $12,544. The emails sent out will give you the match, tip, staking plan and also the odds. As briefly mentioned earlier the max stake will be 5 units. A total of 5 max stake tips were sent out this week and 4 of these one, which made a very healthy profit when they had big confidence in the bet.

Final Verdict 

A very good tipster who is well worth following. The tips proved to be solid this week and they seem to be very consistent long term tipsters, so I’m sure these profits remain relatively consistent throughout the month. I would say your best bet if you are unsure whether to pay for the membership, is to register on their website for the free package, and utilise their free tips initially. If you like what you are seeing, then you can sign up to receive the additional picks, if not, then not to worry. I think it is definitely worth taking a look at the website and seeing what you think, it’s nicely set out and easy to use. All in all, a very good tipster who are receiving a rating of 7 from me.

CasualGambler Rating – 7