There’s a new shocker on the horizon. A ‘free’ tipping account who makes stupid claims, thinks he is a baller and blocks up his followers’ timelines with affiliate links. As soon as he is challenged, @BradsBetting will block the person in hope it will be forgotten, he knows exactly what he is doing.

The reason why I am writing this? To make sure everyone stays well away from him. He uses fake accounts to try and promote his page, in order to gain followers, with the clear intention to get more people clicking his affiliate links. Here’s a little example below.


The worst thing about this? He hadn’t even posted any tips at this stage. Yet unfortunately this tactic worked. He started the page and made his first tweet under a month ago, on the 6th September 2016. He now has 7,518 followers.

Anyway, let’s move on from the above. Apparently BradsBetting is a ‘Professional Bookmaker Robber’

A big claim, but a lot of people make similar ones to this on Twitter. Let’s look at his tips to see if they look like one of a professional bettor.


No, they don’t.

A ropey fourfold at awful prices. One of them bets that the bookmakers love to lay. This, alongside the massive £44.11 in his account leads me to believe he is far from a professional.

When I last checked, which was on the 20th, he hadn’t even won a single bet. If you really decide to follow him, I can guarantee, and I mean absolutely guarantee that you will lose money. He is a scam, a fraud, he does not deserve any followers, yet he is growing.

All I ask is that you do everything you can to completely avoid him. BradsBetting is as bad as they come. As soon as I mentioned that he hadn’t won a bet yet – Blocked. He didn’t even try to defend himself. This account targets the naive punters out there, the people who think betting is easy, and that these horrible looking accumulators will churn them a long term profit. It will not, stay away from this person and spread the word. His only target is to gain followers to click on his affiliate links and that is it. There is no intention to make profit from the tips, none whatsoever. It wouldn’t even surprise me if he’s made a fair bit already, I hope I’m wrong.

As a community, we need to do everything we can to stop this. It’s important the the uninformed don’t get sucked in to accounts such as this. I can take a tipster who loses on the odd occasion, but if their only intention is to take advantage of their followers and make money from their losses, they need to be mentioned, they need to be ousted.

Although it’s not much, I hope this has clarified what you probably already knew about BradsBetting. He is a fraud, he will lose you money. It’s as simple as that.

All the best,

The CasualGambler team.